Saturday, 20 July 2013

Learn How A Chattanooga Podiatrist Relieves Diabetic Foot Pain Effectively

By Douglas Gibney

If you have diabetes, you may want to see a Chattanooga podiatrist for foot care. The podiatrist provides therapy for a wide range of foot problems. Folks who are in need of foot care for diabetes do best when they visit a skilled practitioner who has the knowledge and the tools to offer solutions.

Folks with foot problems will learn about care recommendations for their specific condition. The practitioner and the patient work together to ensure the best results possible. It's important for each person to take an active role to improve their situation and achieve relief.

Diabetic patients typically experience foot challenges that cannot be left unattended. The disease causes damage to the nervous system known as neuropathy. People with diabetes will often lose the feeling in their feet. They will experience a tingling sensation or prickly feeling on the bottom of their feet.

People with diabetes should constantly be monitoring their feet. There are some very serious problems that can result if foot issues are ignored. It is most important to protect the feet from any type of injury. A simple blister can result in a serious problem because the flow of blood is decreased which delays the healing.

Wounds that do not heal put the diabetic patient at risk for an infection that can quickly spread. The diabetic can lose feeling in the feet. It is easy to injure your foot without realizing it because you will not feel pain. Stubbing your toe or getting a small cut can become an open sore that quickly becomes infected.

With the number of serious problems that can plague diabetics, it makes sense to see a Chattanooga podiatrist for foot care. It is important to play an active role in monitoring your foot health. Learning how to properly care for your feet can help you avoid severe conditions that can lead to extreme consequences.

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