Saturday, 20 July 2013

What Is The Main Use For The Audiometer

By Roxanne Cruz

There are a lot of items that people can use in order for them to continue with the tasks that they have to perform. A good example of this item is called an audiometer. For those who do not know, this one is very important when it comes to performing the process that is known by many as audiometry.

The latter is the process that is being done in order to test if an individual has an audible range when it comes to speech and tones. This is usually being performed by some experts in hospitals. There is no need to worry if you will be undergoing this kind of test since it can be relatively painless.

It must also be better once the person that is going to be performed with such method is someone with some hearing concerns and issues. The individuals who can perform such procedure are called the audiologists. This person has also undergone proper training in making sure that the clients that they have will be entirely safe as usual.

Experts will also be needing the assistance of the devices that you have learned way back that can be called audiometers. The specific test that is going to be given to you will commence when some headphones is worn as you enter a soundproof booth. Conducting tests can happen as they sit on the booth outside for the operation of devices.

The patients and their ears are also tested separately. While the test is ongoing, a button is prepared so that patients will simply push it easily to tell if they have heard of the sounds. The tones along with the levels of all the sounds are controlled by experts every once in a while for further checking that has to be performed.

Meanwhile, it is alright to not make use of the headphones. One more procedure can be done with the aid of the headband. The latter has to be connected into the ears of patients. There will be some sort of vibrations that will pass to the bones of the inner ears of the person. The volume of such thing is still controlled by the audiologist.

The tests that were mentioned may end after thirty minutes and they are a part of the category of tone testing. Meanwhile, there can also be another kind of test to know if someone can still clearly hear word sounds. Experts will also stay in a similar booth, but the approach will not be the same anymore.

A list of words are recited along with other phrases with some varying decibel levels. Later on, asking the patients to mention the word that they have recited is the next thing that experts will be doing. The usual time that is needed for this test to be conducted would be ten minutes.

Experts are also obligated to record the results of the audiometer on a specific kind of graph. The device that is needed to make it possible is known as the audiogram. They will be serving as proofs to make sure that both ears have been separately tested.

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