Saturday, 20 July 2013

There Is A Way To Stop Being Broke And Change Your Future

By Nick Anderson

I didn't think it could ever happen, but you really can stop being broke and change your future. Yet my first attempt to get out of debt and manage my money better was a dismal failure. I thought that recycling cans and bottles would keep me frugal and be good for the environment.

I bought three 40 gallon trash cans for sorting and a box of trash can liners. The cost was $65.58. No worries, I thought. My first few trips to the recycle place will pay for my trouble. After two weeks I was ready to turn in my first stash of cans and bottles. I found a recycle center near my house. The Website said it was open until 4:00 pm. I got there at 1:15 pm, and someone had made a paper sign that said 1:00 pm and taped it over 4:00 pm. I had to leave for work, so off I went with a car full of cans and bottles.

I took my break time to hopefully recycle my collection. The center was in an industrial part of town and difficult to find. When I get there, the driveway was blocked with orange pylons. Determined, I parked my car and waved down a man outside the building. He said, "Sorry lady, we don't have any money today, so we had to close early." Swell! By this time, my car is starting to smell like stale beer. I've spent money, time and gas with zero return.

Now I'm in a bad mood, my car smells like last night's beer, and I'm still $65.58 in the hole. Just then a friend called to tell me how excited he was about some products from Vemma. he said that he was less hungry, had more energy and was losing weight. Sounds good! I immediately ordered some product.

I found out that I could do something called social network marketing and easily earn enough money to pay for my own product. After four weeks I was looking pretty good and friends were noticing a difference. I told them about Vemma, and three of my friends ordered the product with the automatic monthly shipment. We all "liked" the products on our social networking page, and pretty soon friends of friends were using the products.

Six months later, I have two types of dependable income-residual and active. My first three customers started selling Vemma products, and I continued to get new customers myself. I look and feel better than I have in years. When people ask me how I do it, I tell them about the products. Almost everyone is eager to get the products and get started.

My life is so much more enjoyable now. It's great to have money and time to enjoy it. Residual income is the best! It's like having a money tree that just keeps producing.

It's true. You really can stop being broke and change your future. Earn the income you need and then some without knocking yourself out. Since there are no start up costs with Vemma and no membership fees, you can get started on the road to wealth today. By the way, I still recycle, because even rich people should do the right thing.

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