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Egg White Nutrition

By Sienna Nalin

Eggs have many benefits to them. If you are a weight lifter, or just looking to build muscle, eating egg whites will get you to building muscle. The reason egg whites can do this is because they are filled with protein. Protein builds muscle, restores and heals muscles.

Everyone knows that if you want to build muscles you need protein, if you need energy - carbohydrates and fats provide it. If you want to eat optimally it is better to get acquainted with the egg white nutrition. Protein - is the main building material for the body. It consists of the muscles and ligaments, skin and internal organs. Naturally, we put protein first in the list of food components. In addition, it can be used as a source of energy. The influence of protein for building muscle is determined by various factors, including the chemical composition and structure of molecules. Although proteins are found in all living organisms, not all of them are identical as the components of food.

Protein is a very important component to our body. The reason why is because in our body there are amino acids. There are different types of amino acids and some cannot produce protein that our bodies need. Our bodies need this protein to function and to be energized. Without getting our protein from food and just relying on the protein that some of our amino acids make, we would gain weight do to the fact that we would not have enough energy to do things.

Particularly important for the body are leucine, isoleucine and valine. They are like the foundation around which the whole metabolism of proteins. Accordingly, proteins that lack the essential amino acids are called inferior, whereas those in which the amino acids enough - full. Bad news for supporters of the "strict" vegetarianism, excluding from their diet milk and eggs: all vegetable proteins, soy and even mushrooms are incomplete. Conversely, proteins of milk, meat and eggs are complete. Meat is rich in glutamine, eggs - methionine. The most balanced composition of whey protein (lactalbumin) and protein in the egg yolk. Egg protein (albumin) is also a very valuable component of food. An additional advantage of pure egg whites for some types of diet is that there are almost no fat in it.

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Eggs are a protein packed food that should not be passed up. With knowing all the benefits of eggs and their nutrition, you should have no reason to refuse eating eggs since they will help your body in many ways that you probably did not recognize before.

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