Wednesday, 17 July 2013

A Protein Supplement for Everyone

By Kyle Christy

I recently started lifting weights and suddenly hit a huge wall. I became so incredibly sore the day after my workouts that I had to take 2 days off in between each session. I was training hard but forgetting one key component to muscle recovery- protein. As a vegetarian, I did not know where to turn. All of the protein supplements on the market contained whey- an animal based protein that my diet does not allow and soy- a questionably GMO ingredient that can cause a host of unwanted side effects. Luckily, I have a great trainer who recommended plant based protein.

Plant based protein powders are perfect for making post workout shakes and smoothies. Vegetarian protein powders are usually packed with nutrients because they contain a variety of plant based protein sources such as brown rice, hemp, and mushroom. Plant based protein such as these are generally easier to digest than whey or soy protein.

Vegetarian protein powders are perfect for building and maintaining lean muscle, increasing energy and endurance, boosting metabolism, and increasing overall health. Protein powders enriched with enzymes and probiotics even work to improve the digestive system. The ingredients in plant based protein supplements can also be beneficial for naturally healthy weight loss.

Plant based protein powders should contain raw and organic ingredients. Choosing raw and organic ingredients increases the nutrient profile of the supplement and decreases chemical contamination. These sources of protein are easy for the body to break down- perfect for post workout supplementation.

Plant based protein powders should never contain artificial ingredients; they should not contain artificial sweeteners, flavors, caffeine, or stimulants. Plant based protein powders should never contain fillers and flow agents either. Unnecessary ingredients are likely to cause a host of avoidable side effects. When it comes to supplements, pure always wins.

In conclusion, to gain lean muscle and decrease recovery time simply supplement your diet with a quality vegetarian protein powders. Vegetarian protein powders are also perfect for vegetarians who simply need more protein in their diet. To find the best protein powder, simply follow the guidelines in this article.

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