Friday, 19 July 2013

Why Pay For Drug Testing

By Tonia Merritt

A thorough background check is typically conducted by employers to ensure that they are hiring someone who is qualified. They may check the applicants credentials, previous workplaces, and other such information. They will also be looking at his physical fitness and in some cases consider drug testing in beckley wv to be necessary.

There are numerous reasons why an employer would consider this a reasonable expense. When the position will mean having to concentrate for long periods of time or when there is a need for operating machines, then it is imperative that the employee is sober. The test will eliminate those who have a habit so that the risk for accidents becomes reduced.

Aside from the possible injuries to the user, other employees in the vicinity might get hurt as well. Having someone with these habits will also affect the environment in the office. For example, you might find yourself dealing with theft. Because of unpredictable behavior, the office can be an worrisome place to be in.

What makes the use of substances a concern is that it can quickly affect the persons sense of responsibility. A user could start coming late or he may be frequently absent due to the effects of his habit. This has a lot of implications for the company especially in terms of productivity. If the company cannot rely on that person, then it is not getting its moneys worth.

To ensure that the personnel will not only be sober during the application, but also when he is working, companies can choose to pay for random tests. It can be conducted weekly or just at certain times of the month to any personnel chosen. The randomness will lessen the possibility that someone will continue using illegal substances.

One must always check the local regulations with regards to this tests. Sometimes, it will be a requirement for the job. Employers also have to check the regulations to ensure that there will be no problems with their plans. A company can avoid problems with the law by doing so.

Aside from compliance, the testing can also have something to do with the task involved. Those who play sports have to be tested for illegal substances before they can compete. This is one way of ensuring that the athlete did not win the title by utilizing performance enhancing medication. This maintains fairness in all levels of competition.

The test may also be necessary because of the type of job involved. Sometimes, the position may mean having to be exposed to harmful substances. When this is the case, the employees have to be regularly tested to ensure that the toxic materials have not reached critical levels. It could also be due to the position, such as being part of the police or the military.

Drug testing in beckley wv eliminates a lot of worries in the workplace. By conducting tests for all of the personnel, the company will have the assurance that a new hire will not be wasting their resources or putting other employees in danger. These tests are also useful for athletes and for ensuring that someone has not been exposed to too much harmful substances.

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