Saturday, 20 July 2013

Workout Secrets From A Celebrity Personal Trainer Palo Alto

By Jackie Johnson

Are you aware that Palo Alto, California houses some of the most noteworthy personalities around the world? The likes of William Ackerman, James Franco and Terri Hatcher actually are living on this city which is part of the Santa Clara County.

For this reason, you'll find a lot of celebrity personal trainer Palo Alto. These fitness trainers have trained a number of Hollywood's biggest stars and are known for their exceptional abilities. If you are looking for ways on how to shed off those pounds in the most effective way possible, then consider these workout secrets coming from a celebrity trainer that's based in Palo Alto.

Work Out Early In The Morning

Madonna, Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Lopez and Gwyneth Paltrow agree that watching TV while running on the treadmill will distract you in the treadmill, thus, you can no longer keep your focus on your workout. This is the reason why the celebrity personal trainer Palo Alto will often discourage his clients to place a television set right in front of a treadmill machine which most people often do. The TV is a major distraction and you will not realize that you are not actually burning as much calories as you should while running on the treadmill.

Work Out Early In The Morning

Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu and Christina Applegate are just a few celebrities who have proven that working out early in the morning can effectively shed off those pounds. According to the personal trainer Palo Alto, if you wake up early in the morning to work out, you will be able to boost your metabolism more effectively, thus, helping you to shed off those excess pounds faster. So set your alarm as early as five in the morning and exercise as much as you can.

Always Give Yourself A Break

Your muscles will be able to build up better if you allocate some downtime in your workout exercises. Although celebrities are often seen almost every day at the gym, they actually give some few days off to rest from their workout routines. This is because a personal trainer Palo Alto believes that the muscles would react better if they are put to rest. Working out just five to six times a week is better. In fact, alternating the days in a week is ideal for those who do not need to shed off quite a lot of pounds and just want to maintain their current body weight.

Hollywood celebrities and fashion models definitely have the best bodies worldwide. And although a number of them are just lucky enough to be born with good genes, other people actually work hard in the gym just to achieve the sort of body that they want. So keep in mind that having a sexy and fit body will require a lot of effort on your part and of course, a bit of help from your fitness trainer too. Hire the very best personal trainer Palo Alto now in order to achieve a body as sexy as your favorite celebrity.

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