Sunday, 23 June 2013

Studies Reveal How It's Possible To Reverse MS Through Diet

By Liliana Mills

Multiple Sclerosis is a debilitating, chronic disease that affects the nervous system of the brain and the spinal cord. The human body's nerve cells contain an insulating layer along the outside called myelin, and the disease attacks the myelin, causing it to malfunction and the nerves to misfire. New technology and research has determined that it may be possible in some cases to reverse MS by following a specific diet and with vitamin therapy.

While there are several varying symptoms that are associated with multiple sclerosis, the most common include problems with balance and muscle spasms. This can affect walking, balance and even numbness in the limbs. Depression and other mood problems are common with this disease, as well. Vision disturbances and other cognitive problems can be attributed to MS.

Due to research and studies, some people are trying a new approach to dealing with the myriad of symptoms of this terrible disease. Drastic changes in diet, mainly by following the Paleo Diet, which involves eating only organic, grass-fed and whole foods, nothing processed or with any kind of additives. Fresh-caught fish without additives or growth stimulation processes is also part of the plan.

How it may help is that this diet supplies a larger amount of the B vitamins, which have been proven to assist in protecting the nervous and immune systems in the human body. Iodine and the important Omega 3 fatty-acids are also a necessary ingredient in this way of eating, as they promote cell regeneration and further growth to both protect from further damage or even help prevent damage from starting.

Another part of the prevention or alleviation of symptoms has been to add extra Vitamin D to the diet, especially in the natural form, directly from the sun. One recent study showed a marked increase of the disease in females whose mother didn't get much sun, as they were pregnant in darker, winter months. The proximity to the equator seemed to make a big difference in the numbers of people who were affected.

Removing damaging substances from the diet can also aid in protecting and renewing the cell damage. The worst offender is the artificial sweetener Aspartame, which can be found in many processed diet products, especially soft drinks. It can cause damage to the central nervous system by eventually breaking down the cells that are located in the brain, as well as the whole body.

While Aspartame is the most damaging, there are others out there that can cause damage, as well. Many preservatives, dyes, and flavorings in processed foods may be causing higher instances of disease and damage to the human body. The modern diet that consists of convenient, preprepared foods may be causing a lot of problems for the body.

The risk factors for this chronic and debilitating disease may be relieved by following a Paleo-style of eating, with only natural and fresh, whole foods. This means staying away from things that are processed, with additives and preservatives. Also adding extra Vitamin D, especially from the sun may help reverse MS and other similarly damaging diseases of the human body.

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