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Useful Information About Cataract Surgery Orange County Residents Need To Know

By Margarita Joseph

Cataract surgery is a surgical procedure performed to remove the cloudy lens and replace it with an artificial one. It is performed by an ophthalmologist on an outpatient basis. It is a common and generally a safe procedure. Cataracts cause blurry vision and increase glare from lights. After cataract surgery Orange county residents perform their duties with much ease.

Most people complain of poor night vision, impaired vision which is mainly blurred, faded colors, glare and inability to stay for a long time with the same glasses or contact lenses. However, some of these symptoms may precede certain eye conditions and not necessarily cataracts and therefore consulting a medical expert is important to establish the correct disease. There are certain eye exams that are used to establish the underlying cause.

In the early stages these symptoms can be improved with anti-glare sunglasses, new eye glasses, brighter lighting or magnifying glasses. In case these measures then surgery is the only alternative. This is performed after careful consideration of a number of factors and briefing the patient on the various potential risks. If this procedure is delayed, it may cause long term damage to the eye.

Before this operation, the eye specialists carry out a comprehensive scan on the eye to find the general health. It is during these sessions that the various candidates are evaluated to establish underlying conditions and offer advice regarding risk factors. There are also other additional measurements such as evaluation of nearsightedness, farsightedness among others. The measurements of the eye are also taken to help in the selection of the lens.

It is a quick treatment process and the surgery lasts a short duration of time. After the surgery, the time taken for the patient to recover is very convenient. Most of the patients take about 24 hours to recover and are able to return to work. The operation itself may take about 45 minutes and the results are visible almost immediately.

Modern cataract procedures are performed using ultrasound probes of high frequency to break the cloudy lens which are removed gently with suction. Phacoemulsification is carried out by making small incisions and helps to promote faster healing and reduces the risk of eye complications. Once the surgeon removes all the remnants of the affected lens, a clear intraocular lens is inserted and positioned correctly.

The risks that are known to result from this treatment are few. Some of those at a greater risk are children and individuals affected with certain conditions. These include advanced glaucoma, serious myopia and those who have been treated using certain medications before. Posterior capsule opacification affects a large majority of patients and can oly be rectified through laser surgery.

Cataract surgery Orange county residents have access to highly equipped facilities that offer these services. They are highly encouraged to be very careful during the recovery session. Lifting heavy items and any strenuous work is likely to strain the muscles of the eye causing further complications. Water and other contaminants such as dust and grime may cause serious infections.

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At 6 May 2015 at 02:51 , Blogger Asger Lauritsen said...

I am looking into cataract surgery in Orange County and currently wearing rigid permeable glasses. I seem to get different advice from every surgery I approach. I have been told by optical express that I would need to stopwearing the lenses for 1 month before surgery, someone else told me atleast 3 months and another friend of mine told me I would need tostop wearing lenses for atleast 1 month before initial consultation. What is the exact days? Could someone help me. I am a little bit confuse about it.


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