Sunday, 23 June 2013

Why Most January Weight Loss Resolutions Fail

By Howe Russ

It's that time of year again when everybody makes resolutions to lose weight. For most people this year's resolution will end just like the last one did, with no progress being made despite the best intentions in the world. Most people who attempt diet plans in January don't know how to lose weight and, as a result, they fail to get started before the wheels have fallen off.

Are there any telltale signs which prevent you from achieving those results you crave?

This is a problem which affects millions of people, so if you have fallen victim to it in the past you can seek some reassurance in the fact that you are certainly not by yourself. January has become associated with joining a gym and many people do it purely because it's habit.

As you might expect, if you start telling yourself that your life is going to completely change just because the calendar says January 1st you are probably going to fall off the rails pretty quickly. Your life is a long-term thing, therefore any attempts to change it also need to be long-term, too.

Perhaps you make these goals every year purely because society tells you that it's what you are supposed to do at the end of the year. However, you won't actually achieve anything until you start getting a little bit more serious with yourself.

It doesn't make a difference what time or day it happens to be. If you decide you want to change your lifestyle you can begin taking action right now. Those who are serious enough to possess that type of mentality are the ones who tend to get superior results.

Ultimately it's a ready-made excuse for you and you know it. If you are going to allow yourself to fail in your next diet routine purely because it's a Wednesday and you now need to wait until next Monday before you get back on your routine, you have become your own worst enemy. Dieting is the same no matter what day it happens to be.

Results are there for you to achieve at any time of the year. You can start by setting a calorie deficit, which means consuming slightly less food per day than you do now. Once you have this in check you can combine it with regular water intake and small, regular meals replacing big, square meals which will help your metabolism.

And that concludes today's guide. In truth, there is no secret formula which is going to kick-start your results purely because the festive season is over. It's all going to come down to you, and it doesn't matter what time of year it is. Should you be genuinely serious about learning how to lose weight and maintaining it, you will not find results too hard to come by.

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