Saturday, 22 June 2013

Things That Make Ego 1300Mah Battery Be The Best For E-Cig Smokers

By Odessa Edwards

While there are different types of e-cigarettes, pinpointing a particular one as being the best is not easy. The same is also true of their batteries. This is because they have been made in to meet certain specific requirements. A veteran smoker knows the importance of investing in a high class battery, and will always endeavor to choose the best. Among these is the ego 1300mah battery. In choosing the right batteries, there are certain things you will have to consider, and they include the following.

Look at the amperage. This can be as little as 180mah to the highest presently, which is 1300mah. A higher voltage has the advantage of being able to be used for longer period of time, meaning there will be fewer instances of charging it compared to the low amperage type. Remember part of good maintenance of these batteries is controlling the frequency of charging.

Another quite important thing that one ought to consider, the criteria of which this brand meets, is compatibility. Some batteries lack this feature, meaning there are only a few number of e-cig brads that may be used with them. This brand however is more compatible, and may be used with a number of other top class brands.

Charge-ability is yet another very important thing when purchasing any cell. This simply refers to the different ways in which it can be charged. It is obvious that most of them are charged using electricity.

The problem comes where you cannot access electricity. An instance of this will be when you are travelling. If your e-cig goes off due to low battery, you must find other means of charging it, like using the car. It should also be possible to charge it by using a laptop. This way, your smoke is not unnecessarily interrupted by such things as battery running out of power.

Also, the warranty of any brand is very important. Breakdown of electronic gadgets is a very common thing. Make sure the said type of cell has a warranty of at least one year. This means that, in case of any breakdown, the dealer will replace it for you r even repair it to makes sure that it is working. Remember to keep your receipt well because it will be needed before any replacement or repair can be made.

Another important thing is authenticity. It would normally be difficult to find an authentic product but to say that it is impossible would be lying. Just join the e-cig forum pages on the internet, and you will get to team up with other e-cig smokers. Ask them questions regarding which battery is authentic.

All these cautious approaches will be in vain if the ego 1300mah battery cannot be properly maintained. There is no point of spending a lot of money and then leave it to waste by not maintaining it. The longer it can last the better it will serve you. Therefore, you have no potion but to take all the necessary steps in properly maintaining this kind of battery.

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