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Details On The Washer Toss Game

By Lana Bray

The washer toss game may also be referred to as washer pitching. This is a lot like horseshoes and is commonly played with two teams with two people. These players take their turns tossing washers in the direction of the target. To score, these pieces have to go inside the box, inside the can in this box, or within a foot of the target box itself.

Points are earned in each round by tossing the metal washer, which are usually have a diameter of two inches, toward a hole, usually marked by a PVC pipe or can, in a box. Target boxes will vary in shape and size. Standard types for one-hole washers are 16 x 16 x 4 inches and contain a cylindrical cup in the upper surface. Typically boxes are put approximately 20 feet from each other.

The player must stand next to or behind a box while making tosses. Usually the throw is done underhand. Scoring is like horseshoes in that a team that throws second can invalidate the points earned by team one. One point is given for every non-rebutted piece within a box. Games typically go up to 21 points before a winner is chosen.

There are variations in the game. The distance of a throw, washer size, configuration of a box, and size and number of holes are just some of the possible differences. It may also have a different name, rules and setup in other regions.

The two things required for setup: boxes and washers. Two boxes are needed and usually include wood, pipe and carpet. Four brass or steel washers are used as game pieces. Small holes can be drilled in them to distinguish between team pieces.

Generally, boxes are to be placed 30 feet apart from the front of one box to the front of the other. They should be on ground that is level. It is preferably if they are faced in a way to avoid distraction of sunlight for players.

The objective with a throw is to get it near or inside the target box or its pipe. Players are allow to move forward while throwing, but one of their feet has to remain in back of a target box. One player on a team is given the change to through the pieces first and then the other team will follow. Some players throw washers together but this is not recommended because of low accuracy. The style of a throw will vary by player.

Only one team or player scores every round. A single point is given for tosses that make it within a foot of the box, next to it or under it. Two points are awarded for tosses that make it to the edge and three are given to those that land inside the target box but not inside the pipe. Five points is the highest allotment that goes to throws that go inside the pipe.

Washer toss game is much like horseshoes. This game is traditionally played between two teams with two players, but there are many different variations in rules and regulations. To score points, individuals must place a washer within a foot of the box, inside it, or in the can inside the box.

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