Sunday, 23 June 2013

What 3D Ultrasound Can Offer

By Linda Maynard

If someone close to you is pregnant, or if you are carrying a child yourself, you will encounter the term 3d ultrasound ohio. This a kind of scan that will allow you get a glimpse of what your baby looks like. Because it is a three dimensional scan, you will be able to make out the features of your child. Sound waves are utilized to generate the image.

A gel will be applied to the skin after which a transducer is rubbed on the area. Sound waves are sent at different angles. The data derived from such a process is used by the equipment to generate the image. This scan is limited to a stationary image, although it can be possible to see movement using another scan.

The image you can get from a two dimensional scan is different from 3d. The 2d ones may not be easily understood as these can be blurred. In the three dimensional version, you can see a clear image of your baby. You can make out his facial features. If you chose a 4d scan, you get to see him move around.

Doctors do not know yet what are the effects of sound waves to the body. One session will typically be limited to less than an hour to minimize exposure. There are standards that have to be followed in these scans. Moreover, the fetus will have to be old enough before the mother can undergo this process.

Usually, people get these scans because they want to see the baby for themselves. Mothers and doting fathers cannot wait to get a look especially if it is their first born. Being able to see the baby in your womb strengthens the bond between you and the child.

A lot of expectant moms also want to know the sex of their child. Others just cannot wait until birth to know if they will be having a girl or a boy. Some also want to know this bit of information so they can make preparations in advance. One can start purchasing clothes, shoes, and other personal items for the child.

Aside from gender, the physician can use this to assess the health of the baby. For example he can check the size and determine if this is right for the babys age. The doctor can look for any visible defects. He can also check how the fetus is positioned as this will become critical for birth.

The first picture of your child would be a great addition to your album. Friends and relatives will probably love to see this pictures as well. The photo can be used to introduce the unborn child to his siblings, so that they can be ready when he is born.

A 3d ultrasound ohio is a type of scan that can produce a clear image of the fetus. You will not be able to observe the baby move but it will let you see what your baby looks like. This can be quite a treat for expecting women who are excited about giving birth. With the ability to produce the image, you can get a copy for your album or a copy just to show to your friends and relatives.

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