Saturday, 8 June 2013

Picking out a good mattress for the recently wedded husband and wife

By George Dodson

It is a fact the bedroom is the place where martial issues are usually made and solved. It would naturally help in to make the couple happy in each other's company every day with a comfortable bedroom. After getting the interiors of the bedroom decorated and also provided with the necessary furnishings and cots, the most essential item you need to get is the bedding, where the newly married start their wedded life. Here are some tips on how to choose a mattress for newlyweds:

Your Weight

There are different types of mattresses built to cater for different types of body weight. Couple who are relatively slim would be able to sleep comfortably on a full mattress. However, these types of beds will not be suitable for those couples in which one or either of the persons are heavily built. In such scenarios, couples are advised to buy a queen or king sized mattress instead.

Physical Limitations

In case either or both of the newly wedded couple have some physical handicap, it is necessary that the bed should have space for their requirements Under such circumstances, a queen or king sized mattress is always the best option.

How close would you like to sleep

The intimacy is more for the newly weds who may like to spend time and sleep embracing each other. Regular size beds would be ideal for them as it creates more intimacy and passion since it does not leave much space between the couples. However, there are couples who want to have their individual space while sleeping and for them the King or Queen beds would be the ideal one.

Sleeping Positions

Each individual prefer to have their own sleeping positions, which reveal their individual personality, as per the psychologists. For instance, some people like to sleep in a fetal, log, soldier, yearner, starfish and free faller position. It is not normally possible by an individual to alter their sleeping positions. It is important to remember that your partner has developed that sleeping position over along period of time. For the harmony in marriage it would be ideal not to attempt to alter the partners sleeping positions. The ideal way would be to be accommodate about the other partner's sleeping positions and choose a mattress which cater for requirements of both.

Adjusting to married life by compromising some of your preferences is very important even while choosing a mattress which accommodate your preferences. So, while selecting mattresses for the wedded couple, you have to take into considerations the needs and preferences of both. It is always wise to discuss with each other and find a compromise. This would ensure a happily married life.

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