Friday, 7 June 2013

Men Are Getting It!

By Clea Spahn

While men still significantly trail women in the number of plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures performed nationwide, they are becoming increasing commonplace in more waiting rooms. The expanding popularity of non-surgical options to improve your appearance has certainly caught men up in its storm.

Most men want a fast recovery time, and for the procedure to be unnoticed by their friends, family and coworkers, they want the process to fit into their life with ease. Men are even becoming a little more self-conscious about their skin condition and this may be a combination of a high incidence of skin cancer as well as their wish to simply look better. It's also easier to see that the more sun exposed are also the most aged and this is no surprise given the deleterious effect of UV light on the skin's elastic network.

Future sun damage can be reduced, and damage from the past can be repaired as much as possible. After shaving each day is a good time to quickly apply it, and before bed a little more could be applied.

Of the types of procedures available, men specifically seem to consider rhinoplasty. This may be due to the self-consciousness about a big nose, of an odd shape or a crooked nose. Rhinoplasty is generally performed as a day patient under a general anaesthetic and return to work is possible after a week but some bruising may persist for as long as two weeks.

Facial rejuvenation procedures such as face and neck lift and blepharoplasty can be done with very inconspicuous scars and this also appeals to men. Men do not wish to look like a lot of work has been done. With men in general, less is more and they would rather accept a few lines than have a conspicuous post-surgical appearance that makes them self-conscious.

Despite attention to diet and a vigorous exercise program some men simply can't shift certain deposits of fat. An over abundance of fat appears on the abdomen or flank of men, and these are the main areas of concern. Liposuction can be administered as a day patient procedure, and men don't need to interrupt their schedule much as returning to work the next day is usually fine.

Men who wish to have a highly sculpted athletic physique may also be interested in hair removal procedures. Laser hair removal has benefited from newer more effective technology and do an even better job of getting rid of hair. A series of treatments are required to each region and the procedure is best performed when the skin is not tanned.

Whatever men do, they tend to do it for reasons different from those of women. In the world of business, competitiveness is big, and how someone looks is part of it. Men want to look like a younger version of themselves, so it is recommended that men seek out a cosmetic surgeon who has experience working on men.

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