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How To Prevent And Treat Head Lice San Francisco Outbreaks

By Frances Keith

Head lice San Francisco outbreaks are common during the school year. These wingless insects appear in the hair and are brownish-gray in appearance. These insects can cause red bumps to appear on the scalp and neck. They are very small but are easily seen with a microscope.

These insects lay their eggs on to the scalp where they cling to the hair causing severe itching. There are a number of treatments that are available to get rid of these pesky insects. Special shampoos that contain insecticides are effective but the strong chemicals may pose health risks. Therefore, alternative natural methods can be used to eliminate this problem.

There are ways people get infected by these insects. Bad hygiene can lead to this sort of infestation and if left untreated, it spreads very quickly. This bug infestation moves from one person to the other in very little time. Those that become infected have to be certain not to share items like combs, hats or brushes.

The parasites suck blood from the person's scalp. This bite causes a lot of scalp irritation and severe itching. The eggs that are laid in the hair hatch in eight days. The egg shells, look like dandruff; they slide from the hair but the insect remains attached to scalp. There are special fine combs that detach the insects.

School children should have their hair and scalp checked regularly for these insects. Schools are common places for these types of outbreaks. Children with this condition must be removed from the school and receive treatment before returning. A natural way to get rid of the parasites is by combing the hair with hot water that has been infused with tea tree oil. There are also natural shampoos and oils that kill these parasites without the harmful effects of chemicals.

Anyone who has become infested with these parasites must use proper care not to infect others. The infested person within a household should change their sheets daily and keep their towels, brushes, combs and hats away from the rest of the family. Once the treatment has taken affect and the infestation is gone it is important to thoroughly sterilize their garments and bedding. Anyone that is in proximity of the infected person should be checked for infestation.

There are many shampoo treatments that only use natural ingredients to get rid of this type of insect infestation. Treatments with harsh chemicals can be irritating to the skin. There are many brands that can be easily researched online. There are also several natural cures to treat this issue. It is important to find an effective treatment and apply it as soon as possible. There are many treatments that are silicone based that are used to treat this condition. When treating the hair, a large-tooth comb through the hair will remove tangles and a small, fine comb can remove the insects and eggs.

Head lice San Francisco outbreaks can be quickly contained. Infected individuals must receive the proper treatment as soon as possible. Notifications must be sent to all parents regarding an outbreak at a school. The infected child has to be treated and free of the infestation before they can return to school.

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