Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Abs-forming Pilates

By Angela Winter

Nowadays a lot of people have come to know and practice Pilates as their choice of exercise because of a lot of reasons. One of them is that Pilates do not make use of a lot of heavy equipment to give the body wonderful benefits. This type of exercise, unlike other types of exercises, has great effects on the mind and body. Pilates relaxes both the mind and body at the same time frees the mind from stressful things.

People doing Pilates have two options where to do the exercise, either within the comforts of their own home or at the gym. Before making a decision on where you would want to do and practice Pilates, you should take into consideration on where you will be more comfortable to do the exercise. Choosing a place to perform the exercise is important to ensure that you will be able to do the exercise properly and with ease. Core strength is one of the many targets of practicing Pilates exercise that means that the muscles composing the core of the body will be the first to developed and improved. It is important to know what muscles make up the core of the body to be able to see the development of these muscles during the period that you are doing the Pilates exercise. Muscles that compose the core of the body includes the muscles that cover the ribs also known as oblique muscles, the abdominal muscles and the gluteus muscles or the muscles that cover the buttocks. When the core strength is improved and developed, developing a 6-pack abs will follow giving way to a leaner and sexier body. Also, developing your core strength will mean improvement on your agility, power and speed that will cause you to be stronger and prevention of back pain.

Attaining the body that they want is one of the many reasons why a person is doing Pilates exercises, we need to focus on how Pilates will be useful to achieve the six-pack abs that you are wanting to attain. Here is a list of Pilates exercises that will be useful to attain the abs that you have been wanting:

1. The 100s position is one of the many Pilates exercises that can be practiced to help achieve the six-pack abs that you have been wanting. Here is the process of doing this exercise. First thing is to lie down flat on the back with legs straight and put together. Next is to pull the abs at the same time lifting the head and shoulders from the ground. Then, make sure that your back is still flat on the ground while lowering your leg as low as possible to the ground. Breathing in and breathing out for seconds is the last step on this process. The repeat all the process one hundred times.

2. One of the many types of Pilates exercise that targets the abs mainly is Planking. This type of Pilates exercise can be done by assuming the push up position. Next is to make sure that your elbows completely supports the weight of your body. Then, contract the abs ans hold this position for a minute. Lastly, repeat the steps as many times as you want.

3. Head Nod is a kind of Pilates exercise that not only lengthens and stretches the spine, it also improves and works to develop the abdominal muscle to aid in attaining a six-pack abs. This type of Pilates exercise is same with the 100s position type of Pilates exercise since it should be done by lying on the mat flat on the back. First process for this exercise is to inhale while pulling the length of the spine and your chin should be tilted at the same time your back should be positioned flat on the mat. Next step is to exhale and make sure to make it last up until you can count up to five while trying to return to the starting position. This steps should be repeated as many times as possible and as many times as you can.

The most important things to consider to help you achieve the six-pack abs and body that you desire is discipline and commitment. You have to properly commit yourselves to the workout process to ensure that it will work. Also you have to have enough discipline not only to do the exercise but also in your diet to make sure that all your efforts in performing the exercise will not be put to waste. Also, keep in mind that doing the Pilates exercise will not yield results within a short span of time only.

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