Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Benefits Of Using Liposome In Administering Drugs

By Rena Hudson

Liposome can be described as a tiny bubble existing inside a thicker liquid. It is essentially a liquid made from phospholipids and has been widely adopted by most pharmaceutical and cosmetics firms. Below are some of the benefits of the innovation recognized by medical and beauty experts. Read ahead and find out why this could be next big thing.

Liposomal technology has been proven to accelerate the healing process from various diseases that affect the body. It is also possible for those administering treatment to evaluate the progress at any step of process. This is also very important in the development of new ideas for coming up with new drugs or treatments for various ailments. The method is also widely recommended because it makes the drugs to be easily soluble.

The structures that are used to deliver the drugs to the lungs as used in the new technology have the ability to break the barriers created by bacteria. The disease-causing micro-organisms normally generate mucus and biofilms to protect them against treatments. The protection makes it very difficult for any drugs delivered by the traditional systems to be effective. However, with the new method, the structures are able to break through such protections.

Not all treatments are friendly for the human body and some normally result into increased toxins in the body. The toxicity is particularly more dangerous when drugs are released to places other than the ones affected by disease. Liposomal technology is very effective in solving this problem and helps in avoiding additional health complications resulting from any kind of treatment. This is also because the structures only access the places where bacteria reside.

Bacteria that cause diseases do create layers of mucus and biofilms to protect themselves from the treatments administered. This plays a key role in hampering the efforts to deal with the microorganisms and treat the disease caused. However, with the coming of the new technology, the lipid structures adopted have the capability of breaking into the barriers to deliver the drugs. The innovation has been much welcome by many pharmaceutical firms in the industry.

The structures also deliver the drug concentrations to the areas affected by the disease and make it possible for the drugs to more effective. The release of the concentrations is only triggered by the disruptive actions of the bacteria. This means that areas where such activities are not felt cannot be exposed to the drugs. This makes helps to avoid any treatment accessing parts of the body not affected by the disease.

Another major application of the new technology is in the manufacturing cosmetic products by leading firms in the industry. It has been proven that the substance can be adopted to provide solutions to those have dry skin problems. The lipids which is the main ingredient used in the production of the structures contain moisture. When they bust, the moisture that is released hydrates the skin.

Apart from hydrating the skin, it is also important to note that liposome also creates a protective layer over the skin. The layer is helpful in offering protection giants external aggressive agents that may cause skin diseases. The protection is also valuable in ensuring that skin is not adversely penetrated by harmful substances.

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