Monday, 3 June 2013

Home Care Patients Use Disposable Surgical Supplies

By Rena Hudson

Hospitals all over the United States now use disposable surgical supplies for everything. In the past they would not have even considered using such items because they would think the cost would be too high. However, once they realized what they would save in their malpractice insurance premiums it became an easy decision to make the switch.

Malpractice lawsuits became almost too common. The amount of money that hospital officials were paying out to patients who ended up with deadly infections due to improperly cleaned tools and utensils became too much to bear. After the board of directors of various hospitals got involved that was the end of that. IT would not take long for something new to be done.

When shortcuts are taken that is when people end up skipping steps and these skipped steps could be very deadly to people. These infections are never something that you want to catch, they are not anything like getting an infection on a cut. These are staph infections and they require the strongest antibiotics and need to be caught very early otherwise it could mean death.

Small doctors offices also use them as well. Even though they could have cleaning stations installed in their offices, there is really no reason to. The ready to use items are cheap, easily accessible, and can just be tossed after use. There is nothing wrong with using these for procedures because they all work just as well as anything else.

This is especially true when people were found to be negligent in their duties. After the hospitals had enough they discovered that it would obviously be much cheaper to pay the cost of using disposable surgical supplies other than paying out in lawsuits. Not to mention the fact that it also saved them money in other ways too.

The smaller offices did the same. They, unlike the larger hospitals, could not afford malpractice lawsuits. One such case could put the office out of business. These often resulted because someone ended up dying due to an infection. These infections happened very quickly after a surgery and while most could be treated but they would take lots of powerful antibiotics.

It also meant doctors could get the utensils faster in an emergency situation. They are all packaged separately so a nurse could bring them ready to use right to the doctor. The same is true for home care nurses and people caring for home bound patients that need various things done. If a home care nurse would have to bring regular devices and tools with them, they would have to also bring cleaning supplies with them.

These things would make the jobs of these nurses and doctors too difficult. Disposable surgical supplies have not only saved a lot of money for doctors and hospitals but have possibly also saved lives. Without the threat of infection people are coming out of their procedures much healthier. Staph infections are not eliminated but have not occurred as often as they have in the past. People are no longer so scared to go into a major surgery because they are now safer.

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