Monday, 3 June 2013

Which Muscle Building Supplements To Stack With Whey Protein

By Howe Russ

If you are trying to decide which supplements to take you will notice that most of the consumers in the health and fitness industry are confused and lost. For some, trying to figure out how to build muscle may as well be rockets science.

If you don't want to be wasting your hard earned money on items with a silly trial and error approach, you need to take a little bit of time to learn the basics of supplementation and nutrition. What works well with a whey protein? If you are to believe everything you read on the new products you'll see in stores each day you'd be taking countless pills and powders.

Today you are going to discover which products work well alongside whey in a good muscle building diet.

The fitness industry is dominated by hype, like most other areas of consumer driven business. This hype tends to cause mass confusion, with many people trying new products on a monthly basis and not seeing any results. The items on today's list are time-tested, science driven and form the backbone of any serious workout program.

1. Creatine.

2. Glutamine, one of the amino acids, to increase recovery.

3. Amino Acids.

If you were able to increase your body's ability to perform high intensity, explosive activities would you do it? That's exactly what products such as Creatine are designed to help you do. That's right, despite the huge hype and many myths surrounding this substance, that is literally the bottom line of what it is designed to help you achieve.

Sprinters were the first athletes to use this product and if you think about it, it's quite easy to see why this is the case. If you were able to run faster for slightly longer period there is a good chance you will be able to achieve a new personal best time in a big race. Now put this into a gym context. What would be the possibilities if you were able to perform an explosive moving, such as lifting a weight on a bench press, for slightly longer?

However, with so many different blends and formulas of creatine out today it can be just as confusing choosing one as it can be to learn about the effects of the substance in the first place. This may shock you a little bit in a world where new is considered better, but the formula which has by far the most research behind it is the cheapest and oldest form. We are talking about Creatine Monohydrate.

If you have been training in the gym regularly you will already understand the importance of the recovery period following every workout. Your muscles do not grow while you lift weights, it happens while you let them rest and sleep. The best product on the market to take advantage of this period is glutamine.

Most people know this product for it's benefits to the immune system but there are also other notable gains to be made. By improving your resistance to minor colds, which you will be susceptible to if you are training hard on a regular basis anyway, will mean you miss fewer sessions and you hit each workout with maximum potential. However, it will also work behind the scenes to ramp up your production of growth hormone which, naturally, will help you to increase results even further.

Amino Acids round out today's list and they are an often misunderstood supplement. If you are looking into the possibility of using a BCAA product you can certainly get great results if you know how to utilize them effectively. BCAA's provide the body with a greater dosage of all the essential and non-essential amino acids than you would get if you were to use whey protein alone. In doing this, you help your body to build muscle more effectively. BCAA's work very well when taken after a hard session.

For most people the gym is the easy part and they find the scientific nutritional information far more difficult to navigate through. If this was previously you, you're now in a far more comfortable position from which to decide which supplements to take in order to build a more muscular body.

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