Thursday, 6 June 2013

Find Out How To Run A Successful Equestrian Center

By Rena Hudson

Should you be in the possession of a couple of acres of good land, a few schooled horses, great horsemanship skills and a love for people, you may want to try running your own equestrian center. A passion for horses is a must and goes without saying. Running a yard is a satisfying job and if done correctly can bring in a good amount of money.

Should you be interested in running and equestrian facility there are a few things to take into consideration. One should have adequate place to build stables or a big enough barn to convert into accommodation for you horses. You will also need to have storage space for bedding materials as well as grass and feed.

Many centers allow their clients to leave their riding equipment at the yard. To offer such a service you would have to have a tack room big enough to accommodate everyone. Usually each client has a box or crate in which they keep smaller items, so you will have to ensure that there is a secure location for these items to be locked away in.

One would be able to offer many different services to people and their horses. You will find that most riders are looking for the full service of a livery yard. They want you to look after their animals completely. Sometimes this will even include riding them. It all depends on what your agreement is with each client that comes to your center.

When running a professional yard you will need to get in a few grooms. They will be responsible for the general maintenance of the place. The upkeep of the horses will also be laid out in their job description.

When you run an operation such as this it is important that you get in a good hoof care specialist, as anyone will tell you, no feet no horse. Finding a reputable farrier is essential to the good reputation of your yard. A horse will need his feet seen to every 4 to 6 weeks and you as the owner of the yard will have to make sure this is arranged for all the horses in your care.

Many equestrian facilities allow for their clients to choose their own veterinarian for their horses. There are normally a few vets servicing an area and it is usually personal preference as to who the rider uses. Equine veterinarians can be called out for many reasons and once you have found a great vet you should usually stay with him.

Running a successful equestrian center is a full time job and does not come easy. Once you have a routine and everyone knows what is expected of them you can generally run a comfortable yard with quite a few clients. Do not expect to make your fortunes in this type of business. It should rather be a labor of love than a money making business.

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