Friday, 7 June 2013

Eight Wonderful Destination For Scuba Diving

By Lora Jones

Nothing can make us experience the underwater world at its best except for Massachusetts Scuba diving. All types of divers search for the best places to immerse themselves and explore the depths of the oceans. Here are some places that most people recommend to visit when having this kind of adventure.

First, explore the beauty offered in the red sea of Egypt especially around Dahab and the area of Blue Hole. With vast coverage of millions of corals and crystal clear waters, this is a good spot to start. Because of its warm water, excellent visibility, ease of access and well maintained coral reefs, it is one of the preferred destinations especially by newbies.

The Lanai, Manta Village, and Molokini Crater of Hawaii definitely is worth going. It has rare species of fish that you can never find anywhere else in the world. You can swim with the manta rays present in the area and even hear the singing humpback whales. In addition, they have bright underwater caves that would definitely challenge for further exploration.

The 1,430 miles of Great Barrier Reef in Australia along the northern coast contains hundreds of fish species and shipwrecks. Some would even say that even if you spend a year unearthing everything in this place, no one could unravel its marvels. It is really a challenge.

The Turks and Caicos islands of the Caribbean were and will always be a popular spot for divers. Since 1970, it has been known to contain colorful marine life and tranquil waters. Being the third biggest coral reef group, it has snorkelers and deep sea plungers going crazy to explore its shallow waters and the sea of hundreds of feet.

Mexico has one of the best known spots for deep sea exploration. The peninsula is packed with freshwater filled sinkholes known as cenotes that is related to history traced back to the Mayan era. Several operators in the place offer diving at night, wrecks, and even underwater photography of technicolor profusion of coral and fish along the coast of Cozumel, Playa del Carmen, and Central America.

Ecuador also contains the Galapagos Islands that have surely preserved the beauty of the place. Tourism is well guarded making sure to protect the marine life present like the legendary hammerheads, whale sharks, dolphins, and seals. They do this by having only liveaboards since no one can land on the island. May to October would be the best time to book your visit because of the season of migrating sharks.

Last, but not the least, explore the wonders of the reefs in Florida Keys. Aside from the brilliant marine life and neon colored fish, you can explore historic shipwrecks under the clear and calm waters during May and June. When it is hurricane season and you want to avoid danger, you can always visit the History of Diving Museum on Islamorada.

Massachusetts Scuba diving definitely has many places to choose from. With the huge interest of the public in engaging this recreational activity, many companies sprout up in the hopes of serving these adventure seeking individuals. This might be an expensive hobby, but no price can be placed on what this deep sea thrill has to offer.

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