Thursday, 30 May 2013

How Christian Treatment Centers Can Help

By Vicki Diaz

If you or a loved one has reached a point where an addiction is taking a devastating toll on your life, it is time to consider getting outside help. You will have to consider your particular needs and look for an institute that will make a difference in your life. Many people who come from a religious background will look for Christian treatment centers to help them.

The centers are based on the teachings of Christ and combine prayer and faith with traditional therapy to help the patient overcome their addiction. Believers who work in this field believe that to overcome your addiction you have to re-establish a working relationship with God to achieve success. Contrary to popular belief, faith-based centers do not only accept those of the Christian faith. They will accept anyone who is willing to follow their therapy plan, regardless of their faith or religion.

The treatment approaches are based on the same principles as those offered by traditional rehabilitation organizations. Residents have to endure an intense detoxification period. After this period, the extent of your addiction will be assessed. A therapy plan will then be drafted which will include counseling and therapy sessions.

As in all treatment centers, you will have to follow a few simple rules. Alcohol and drugs will be strictly forbidden. You will not be allowed to take your mobile phone or your computer to the center with you. You may have to undergo personal monitoring if you suffer from psychological disorders where you may cause self-harm.

The twelve step program is an integral part of the treatment plan at Christian treatment centers. The 12 steps will not only aid you in overcoming your addiction, but can lead you to a completely new way of life. Spirituality is an important part of the program.

You will be educated on the effect that addiction has on your life. You will be shown methods of overcoming and resisting that addiction. Therapy and counseling is offered by qualified individuals to enable you to identify the cause of your problem and how you can prevent or deal with a possible relapse.

The main difference with the Christian treatment program is the emphasis that it places on spirituality. The Bible will become a very important part of your daily life in the center. You may be asked to read certain passages and reflect on how it relates to your personal circumstances. You may be required to attend spiritual services in a place of worship. This is special personal time for you to be used as a time of reflection and solitude to speak to Christ. Many of these institutes offer an on-site pastor who will offer you spiritual guidance along with the therapists and counselors who are always available to offer you assistance.

The emphasis that is placed on spirituality at Christian treatment centers will provide you with a routine and a schedule that will break you from your previous habits of addiction. It will move your focus from the need for whatever your addiction was and place this attention and focus on your spiritual needs instead.

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