Thursday, 30 May 2013

Learn how to get Bigger Forearms

By Danna Gramling

A lot of people face the challenge of building their forearms to par with their biceps and triceps. You probably have discovered just how tough it is to get those forearms bigger the way you would like, and especially when it comes to have them of equal size. Having said that, it is perfectly normal for one arm to be a little larger than the other because of the usage from the dominant hand on a day to day basis.

Workout routines for Developing your Forearms

Doing barbell curls behind the back is your initial exercise. The best way to do this is at a barbell rack, or with the set weight barbells. We shall assume you are at the barbell rack for this example. Try not to use the smith machine for this exercise unless you are limited on time and need to make use of the only piece of equipment accessible. Set your body so the bar is positioned beneath your waist, so you have to bend over at the knees to grab the weight. Get your correct weight, and then grab the barbell, similar to how you would for back shrugs. With your arms pushed up against your body for stability, curl the bar upwards ensuring you primarily use your forearms. Slowly lower the bar and then repeat. This is best performed x3 sets of x10-x15 repetitions.

Next you can try out the rotating hand exercises. You will be doing about 25 reps of this one, so get some light weights to begin with. Whilst standing simply bring your arms up halfway to where they are parallel to the floor at a 90 degree break in the elbow. From here, rotate your wrists inwards and outwards whilst holding the dumbbells. When doing this start to slowly lift your arms upwards and then downwards in a continual slow motion. This is making all the muscles in you forearms get a burn.

Another great forearm curl is performed by using dumbbells at the side while standing or sitting. Grab moderate dumbbells and simply curl your wrists as the weights are to your sides. Reverse curls additionally help develop the forearms greatly while also reaching the brachialis, which is the muscle that is located below your biceps.

Make use of Supersets for Extra Gain

A super set is where you perform another exercise immediately after a different exercise. For instance, to get a burn that will leave your arms feel the blood flowing and muscles expanding complete biceps curls followed by a forearm exercise. Grab a barbell and place an almost heavy weight amount and perform the curls correctly. Use correct form, keeping your back and legs out of the movement. Immediately afterward, grab a lighter weight and perform the dumbbell wrist curls. This will ensure an incredible workout that will leave you with a good feeling the following day.

Be Sure To Stretch!

Your arms are necessary for nearly every exercise you perform, and injuring either could cost you significantly. There are many muscle heads and tendons located on your arms that need stretching, and your biceps and forearms are the easiest to injure without stretching. Also make sure to rotate your wrists around and flex them back to get a proper stretch which keeps wrist fractures away. Keep your posture and form correct, and make sure you use the same weight on both arms to prevent unbalanced development. Virtually all arms that turn out to be one bigger than the other result from poor technique in exercises for the non-dominant hand.

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