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Useful Surfing Workouts From Your Personal Trainer In Huntington Beach

By Brandon Watkins

Huntington Beach is undoubtedly a hotspot for beach bums and surfers in the US. These people love to enjoy not only the beach activities they do but how great their bodies look too. Surfing with a personal trainer in Huntington Beach is definitely among the best ways to enjoy and stay fit at the same time. Since it needs some skill (particularly if you're a beginner), patience and dedication is extremely important.

Surfing is the way of riding the beach waves through a long gliding platform. It's surely easy to watch people do it, but it's something that you can only do through practice. It's a great way to have a full body workout while enjoying the sport. This is the reason why more and more people are getting more interested in surfing.

Surfing Basics

It's very important to have a personal trainer in Huntington Beach that will teach you the basics of surfing. You will also learn the importance of warm-up and core muscle exercises that will keep you standing on the platform. Surfing is all about balance - this means, your lower body muscles have to be developed to be able to ride the waves smoothly.

The first thing you need to know is paddling. This requires the movement of your arms and shoulders - a good upper body workout. As you lay down the surfboard with your face at the front, paddle with your arms simultaneously (like you're swimming in freestyle). Keep the speed constant.

Another part of the surfing basics is sitting on the board. This is very important so you can relax while you wait for a good wave to come. It can be difficult at first, but having a personal trainer in Huntington Beach will give you useful techniques to make it easy. Then, you can practice the transition of paddling and sitting position until it gets more comfortable.

The First Wave

Standing up on the surfboard is probably the most difficult to accomplish. It sure is easy to do it in a level ground - but it gets a lot more challenging once you get to the water. This is the moment when your balancing skills are put to test.

How to Stand on the Surfboard:

* While facing down, grab both edges of the board and perform a push up.

* Slide your feet underneath.

* Quickly move in an upward position but keep yourself low. This will adjust your center of gravity that will keep you on the surfboard.

* To provide more balance, keep your hands above your waist.

* A squat-like position will keep your feet attached to the surfboard.

Make sure you are wearing proper equipments while surfing. This will keep you safe from injuries. For beginners, trainers require surfboard nose guards to avoid dangerous impacts.

With a personal trainer in Huntington Beach, you could learn how to surf in a day or two. On the other hand, being able to stand for a long time takes a lot of practice. Doing it for fun is a great way to enjoy on the beach while staying fit.

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