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5 Workouts That Are Typically Included In The Arsenal Of A Personal Trainer In Newport Beach

By Patricia Neill

Newport Beach is a wealthy community located at Southern California. There are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy in the area. Surfing is a very popular recreational activity plenty of residents and tourists enjoy. To improve your skills on surfing, you have to perform other exercise regimens that would complement your surfing activity.

Hiring a personal trainer in Newport Beach is becoming very popular these days. They could help you with a personalized program suited for your every day activities. They could even help to keep you motivated and focused on your exercise regimen. If your budget can afford it, go ahead and hire a personal trainer who would be of big help to your overall health.

Listed here are the five exercises that are normally included in the arsenal of a personal trainer in Newport Beach:

* Squat

This exercise develops the buttocks and the leg muscles. This can be done with the use of a dumbbell, exercise bar, or an exercise ball. A personal trainer should guide you, especially if you are a beginner, on the proper form of performing a squat. If done incorrectly, it would cause injury on the knee, ankle, or back muscles. If you are a surfer, the squat would make your legs stronger and would help you on your balance while surfing.

* Arm Exercises

* Arm Exercises

* Core Exercises

Your core is the one that holds your abs, hips, and lower back together. Having a strong core equates to a stronger and more powerful body. Each physical activity involves the core, thus, strengthening it is very beneficial.

Core exercise is one of the five exercises that are usually included in the arsenal of a personal trainer in Newport Beach. A good personal trainer can design a core exercise regimen for you, as to how many repetitions and sets you need in order to become a more successful surfer.

* Yoga

This is another exercise that is usually included in the arsenal of a personal trainer in Newport Beach. After performing strenuous activities, be it aerobic or anaerobic exercises, stretching your muscles is important to prevent injuries. A personal trainer should guide you on how to properly perform yoga poses and check out if you are breathing the correct way. Yoga would help relax and elongate your muscles.

* Yoga

A complete exercise program not only involves muscle strengthening, but aerobic exercises as well to increase heart rate. For indoor exercises, there are a number of choices like the treadmill, stationary bike and elliptical machine. The purpose is to increase your stamina and engage in a sporting activity like surfing for a longer period of time.

Exercise is important for everyone, regardless of sex and age. Employing a personal trainer in Newport Beach is very beneficial for physical wellness.

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