Thursday, 30 May 2013

How To Lose Weight In Two Weeks Without Diet Pills

By Caroline Monroe

Over the years, I started to grow rather fat and like I could remove a few extra lbs. I knew I didn't need to burn up a lot of weight, but I planned to look leaner and feel better about my looks FAST!.

I desired and more importantly, needed a workout program that was easy to abide by and had secured outcome. That's when I found Look and Feel Better FAST that helped me lose weight in two weeks and has helped me keep the fat off ever since. I really do look better and feel wonderful and this is so easy to comply with.

I documented the measures that I followed below :

The First Phase - The Cleanse. The first three days of Look and Feel Better FAST is a detox. A detox is the fastest road to free your body of plaque and toxic build up that is remaining in one's body for years. The Master Cleanse is a fantastic place to begin with and Look and Feel Better FAST sets it out step-by-step for yourself. I ended up losing 3 lbs in 3 days and definitely felt lighter and more fit.

The Second Stage - The Fat Burn Phase. The next week I begin a very clean and raw diet plan which really ignited my proficiency to burn up fat. Look and Feel Better FAST has a meal plan that is based mostly on vegetables and fresh fruits, and also pre-determined meals such as Salmon Asparagus, and Brown Rice dinners. In The Second Stage, I included a light to moderate cardiovascular exercises program that was laid out for me as well , which includes long walks, yoga, and cardio classes taught at my city gymnasium. During The Second Phase, I was happy to get shot of another 5 pounds! I was feeling terrific!

The Third Stage - Tighten Up Phase. The Third Phase included the introduction to regular meals to my intake of food, and ushered in a detailed exercise regime to tone up my muscles as well as to continue to remove that unwanted fat that I always had trouble removing. The workout plan was so easy to stick to and again, it was laid out step-by-step for me. Look and Feel Better FAST also included a recipe list that featured Asian Beef Salad and London Broil. In this final stage I lost another 2 pounds that I needed to feel my best!

My Results - I lost 10 pounds of excess fat with the Look and Feel Better FAST program, and you can assume to lose anywhere between 10 to 13 pounds in just 2 weeks! Let alone I actually feel stronger, healthier, and look a lot better! This program is established to work for women and guys and may also enable you to feel and look much better in only 2 weeks!

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