Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The Advantages Of Using The New Beauty Gel Mask

By Carmella Watts

Beauty is a number one concern for the women which explains the various methods of maintaining it including the new Beauty Gel Mask. This facial mask is a house hold name for models and make-up artists in the fashion industry and is often recommended by beauticians and skin specialists because of its excellent results. There are huge benefits to enjoy from this new grooming product which will be outline below.

Before we get to the benefits it is good to understand that the facial cleansing peel comes in different types when purchased. Popular ones used today include facial peels extracted from Aloe Vera, Sago Palm tree or Apple extracts. The one common feature of most beauty facial peels in the market is the natural ingredients they are manufactured with without any chemical or preservative added; which explains why the facial peel needs to be kept chilled for good results.

As it has been discovered by beauticians and scientists, the ingredients found in the facial peels act as great anti-oxidants and also hydrate the skin of the user. Hydrating Masques are just what you need to relax your skin after being exposed to dirt, lots of oil or intense heat or conditions that may cause the skin to dehydrate. A generous layer is applied to the face after washing, with the facial mask covering the entire face even under the eyes; but be careful not to get the product in your eyes.

However most of the facial peels sold in the market offer a no harm guarantee because they are pure natural extracts without added fragrances, colorants or preservatives. With one general layer applied to the face for five minutes, these special beauty masks can get rid of any blemish, blackhead or acne problems on the face. Other cases it may take care off include scarring, unbalanced skin tones, saggy skin due to old age, enlarged skin pores, dull or dry looking skin and sun burned skin.

You only need a recommendation and not a prescription to get your facial cleansing peel from over the counter pharmacies. Once you get home you can jump into your bathroom gown and test the cleansing product by first peeling it off the foil wrapper disclosing both it sides. Some facial peels may come in two layers; once covering the lower facial area, below the nose, and the other covers the upper face where the eyes are.

The mask can be adjusted on the face to fit your facial profile and there is always a cloth kit in the package you can apply on top of the facial peel to give it more support. It takes about 5 to 45min to get good results from the mask but the general rule is the longer it stays on the face the better the end result. But 45min can be the maximum point of application.

Facial cleansings peels are used for three functions in the beauty world. They act as bio-cleansers which get rid of excess oils and clogging dirt from the pores. As well as clearing away dead dermis cells.

They act as restorers which bring back the luster of the skin owing to the anti-oxidants and sebum distributing agents in the ingredients. Lastly, the facial masques act as skin regenerators by improving blood flow on the dermis and soothing the visage. The Beauty Gel Mask can be purchased from a physical pharmacy or an online website that deal with skin products.

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