Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Indoor Rowing And Why It Is Becoming So Popular

By Jennifer Merritt

The sport of indoor rowing has been around a while. However, lately they have actually grown in popularity because high tech equipment has gotten better, individuals are more familiar with rowing equipment advantages and our busy lifestyles have increased the demand for more efficient workouts.


Just like most home exercise devices, indoor rowers have high-tech systems that can track your distance, pace, calories burned and more. Now some models have the capability to track your heart rate for a better workout.

Innovation even enables users to compete with other rowers or the machine itself. This is a wonderful approach for staying motivated and adding one more level to your exercise routine.

Having the ability to set goals and see yourself improve over time is a great method to help individuals improve and excel in rowing. Instead of working with a personal fitness instructor or signing up for a group class, some athletes discover that technology can help them achieve what they desire on their own.

Rowing Machine Advantages

More people are getting involved with indoor rowers through Crossfit classes, health clubs and even rowing classes. As people attempt the sport, they see that they can attain a whole-body workout using one device.

They notice that they can get stronger muscles and get an aerobic workout at the same time. They also discover an activity that is minimal impact and can be quickly learned at any age - no prior experience or unique skills needed.

Understanding all of these advantages, many individuals are getting involved in the sport of indoor rowing without even touching a body of water. Plus, the additional benefit of rowing at home makes this activity even more enticing.

Quick and Effective Workouts

Most of us are busy all day long. We have jobs to manage and families to look after and a range of various other obligations. Sometimes, it can be tough to schedule a regular workout routine. Having home exercise equipment can be a great help. That said, machines like treadmills or stationary bikes work only a section of our bodies. They do not offer a whole body exercise.

Indoor rowers are great for this reason, as they can work the upper body muscles, legs and your whole core. In addition, while you are strengthening your muscles, you are also receiving the advantages of an aerobic workout.

What this means is that you can get even more strength training done in a shorter period of time. This gives individuals the opportunity to exercise less often or for shorter time periods without foregoing the health advantages. In fact, there is a terrific eight minute exercise that I like to do regularly.

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