Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Low Or High Intensity Exercise Routines - Which Is Best

By Vanessa Summer

With regards to acquiring the exercise that individuals need, loads of people are not aware of whether they ought to be doing low intensity exercises or high intensity exercises. Something you need to understand is that it is going to be dependent on what you are trying to attain, as both of these exercises can be beneficial. You need to of course understand the point that you'll be able to burn body fat no matter which type of exercise you choose. If you're one of the individuals trying to make your decision on what sort of exercise you would like to perform you'll be glad to know we are going to be talking about the two of these on this page.

Burning up fat is something that you will have the ability to accomplish if you decide to do the low intensity exercises. Many of you have probably never heard of glycogen, but this is the type of fat which will be burned off when you use low intensity exercise. To show you what this is you're going to find that the carbohydrates which are stored in your liver and muscle tissue is called glycogen, and this is what your body uses for energy when you start low intensity exercise. This type of exercise will also be burning off the other stored fat from your body, nevertheless it is going to wind up doing this at a slower rate.

One more thing you need to comprehend about this is that when your storage of glycogen is low, your body will automatically begin storing this again from the carbohydrates in your meal. As many men and women understand, carbohydrates are stored as fat. But you need to also understand that when this is stored as glycogen, you are not actually contributing to the body fat. So a low intensity workout routine is a thing that will help you to lose body fat but also help you to not store body fat.

There are of course some benefits which are associate with high intensity workouts as well such as the point that your metabolism can be greatly increased when you do one of these workouts. You are in addition going to find that when your metabolism is increased you're going to have the ability of burning up body fat for a longer pureed of time even after you have stopped exercising. I probably do not need to mention the point that these high intensity exercises are also something that will end up burning up more calories. And as a lot of you are aware, the more calories you are able to burn off during an exercise routine the more fat you will wind up burning.

If you only have a minimal amount of body fat to lose, of course, if you are already in pretty good shape you might want to consider sticking with some form of low intensity exercise. Nevertheless if you are one of those individuals who are overweight and are attempting to lose weight you may see that a high intensity workout routine is your better choice. Needless to say if you can combine these two exercises together you are going to be able to see amazing results. You will find that by combining high intensity exercise like running with a low intensity exercise like walking, can provide you with good results. 5 minutes of running follow by 5 minutes of walking is one way you are going to have the ability to combine these two various kinds of exercise. Throughout your workout routine you will simply need to switch back and forth every 5 minutes to the type of exercise you are doing.

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