Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Using Chiropractic Concord NC Locals Find A Holistic Approach To Health Care

By Carmella Watts

Chiropractors are health care professionals who work with the belief that the human body is in a continual healing process. As long as you are still breathing, your body is able to heal itself. The process is directed by the central nervous system, which included your brain and spinal cord. With chiropractic Concord NC residents find the help needed to encourage the body to take care of its own healing.

Chiropractors focus on ensuring communication between the brain and rest of the body remains open. The science behind this care can be traced to China as early as 2700 BC and Greece as early as 1500 BC. The importance of this type of care is detailed by Hippocrates (460-357 BC), the Greek Physician responsible for the Hippocratic Oath.

While the approach of the chiropractor is very old, chiropractors themselves were not common in the USA until the late 1800s when Daniel David Palmer is said to have founded the profession. Early chiropractors did not have much respect in the USA, but times have changed. Today, it is common for a physician to recommend a chiropractor to his or her patients for alternative care.

The number of chiropractors practicing in the USA continues to grow. As the demand grows as patients find help for chronic conditions that have not responded to other types of help. Instead of living one's life in pain, developing dependence on pain medication or facing surgery, many individuals have turned to a chiropractor for noninvasive, conservative care of their conditions.

Chiropractors use techniques, including spinal manipulation that are noninvasive and offer a way to restore the patient's health. Chiropractors also provide encouragement for patients to take charge of their own health, through nutrition, increased exercise and spiritual wellness. They offer a holistic approach to caring for patients without using surgery or pain medication.

When patients have a bulging disc, the only help from a primary care physician is to provide a prescription and refer the patient to the specialist. After the x-ray of one's spine, the specialist often recommends surgery. Unfortunately, these surgeries often require fusing of vertebrae to decrease the range of motion of the spine and cause the problem to move through the spine, one disc at a time. Chiropractors use gentle therapy to encourage healing of the discs and to strengthen muscles for better support of the back.

Chiropractors examine patient's spines to find subluxations. Such conditions can often cause other types of diseases as well. The chiropractor uses spinal manipulation to correct these types of conditions. The spinal adjustment can restore the spine's natural balance and allow the natural healing ability of the body to take over.

While many people first visit a chiropractor for back or neck problems, they find the holistic approach provides better overall health. As spinal subluxations are corrected, the body's natural healing powers take over to correct other health problems. With the holistic approach of chiropractic Concord NC residents are finding it possible to live life to the fullest and enjoy every minute thanks to better overall health.

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