Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Writing On The Ethicon Endo Surgery

By Lou Manning

Ethicon endo surgery refers to when the medical fraternity offer their services in order to preserve and restore health both mental and physical. The medical profession preserves health by offering treatment or prevention of illness. A good health is worth keeping although the cost of this healthcare may be devastating to some people thus leading to poor health. Poor healthcare is consequential in that people may die as they will be vulnerable to ailments.

For instance, healthcare is of a major concern in places where population keeps increasing steadily. Conducive towns attract quite a big number of inhabitants. Currently, the general population has been increasing due to cheap cost of food. This population requires the best healthcare facilities to keep the village and population moving.

Ethicon endo surgery has more benefits than the disadvantages. Prevention is better than cure. So to say, hospitals would end up treating real problems like cardiac arrests and other illness which might have been avoided if prevention measures were taken. Sad results come about for example people getting totally disabled or losing their lives of something which might have been avoided.

Considering different standards of living, not all will be able to afford health insurance. Keeping in mind ailments just come regardless of the financial position of the individual. For instance, rich or poor. Thus, healthcare becomes important since it does not require regular payments like in the case of health assurance with insurance companies and also procedural which may slow getting a treatment consequentially increasing chances of dying.

Since health insurance firms have become more business minded in making abnormal profits, they have forgotten to render quality services to clientele. It takes long procedures for the insured to be accepted to have treatment not forgetting the big number relying on the service. These lead to poor quality and slow services. Hence, healthcare should overrule health insurance.

Above all, since healthcare provides for early prevention measures and treatment, it will assist loss of lives. Apart from avoiding deaths it tend to enable health living. Health living leads to more production as it keeps people free from illness and this leads to economic growth since there is more production. An economy with high mortality rates eventually deteriorates since the workforce may not be enough or not healthy.

The major shortcomings involved with the same is that in case of emergencies, it cannot be of great help if one had not planned. For example, if an accident occurs and the victim is not insured, they would not get assistance without payment if they have no money and did not plan for that. It also gets to be very expensive when it comes to paying for medical checkups, paying for treatment and buying drugs.

Basically, ethicon endo surgery is important and a need to some of us. It should be availed and administered to the needy cases. Like any basic need, it is equally the same and it should be given priority as well. Governing authorities should ensure its delivery and administration.This should not only happen to the rich but also to the poor.

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