Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Tips For Performing Your Love Handles Exercises Correctly

By Andrew Michaels

Targeting a flabby midsection is often the hardest part of a person's workout routine. This is a very difficult region to tone up and a lot of the most popular love handle exercises can place a lot of unnecessary stress on the back and the neck. The good news is that you can start experiencing amazing results by simply altering your exercise plan. With proper form, plenty of repetitions and a willingness to persevere, you can get a flat, attractive waistline and increased abdominal strength for preventing low back injuries.

Become Aware Of Your Body

Before engaging in love handles exercises, people should develop a better understanding of their bodies and the importance of their core muscles. Your core muscles are at the very center of the body and these are vital for maintaining good posture, protecting the spine and avoiding back strain. If these becomes loose and lack tone and definition, the midsection will likely have a bulky, rounded look.

By simply drawing the core muscles in and holding them there, you can immediately improve your posture. Conditioning yourself to keep these constantly engaged is a great way to target a troublesome waistline. It will also help you to better condition your side abdominal muscles, which are commonly referred to as the obliques.

Use Good Form

No matter if you are lying down or standing up when performing love handles exercises, you must maintain optimal form. This is necessary to avoid stressing the spine or the neck. The very first thing that people should do is to engage their core muscles. You can do this by pulling your navel upwards and back towards your spine.

You can imagine a string or cord being attached to the interior of the navel and someone pulling this from behind you. This will also help you to start breathing through the diagram more effectively, rather than using the chest. If using side bends as part of your love handles exercises, an actively engaged core will make them far more effective.

Doing Love Handles Exercises While Prone

When you use twisting crunches or other love handles exercises that require you to lay down, you must keep a small amount of space between your chest and your chin. If you do sit-up while your chin is pressed into the neck, a lot of the work will be accomplished by your neck muscles. You can simply pretend that there is an apple in this space, keeping it open or you can even hold a tennis ball here to avoid drawing your chin too far down. If none of these things are available, you can use your fist to measure this empty space and ensure that it is sufficient.

You must remember to cause muscle fatigue when performing your love handles exercises. While lots of sets and repetitions can be very tiring, this is the fastest way to amazing results. Using both standing activities and exercises that require you to lie down will condition the oblique muscles optimally.

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