Monday, 24 June 2013

Is Bee Pollen Energy Myth Or Fact

By Lila Barry

There ate many people who believe that bee pollen energy is a benefit of ingesting this product of the hive. They are not all retailers of this super food, either. Nutritionists, natural food enthusiasts, personal trainers, athletes, and cancer victims are among those who attest to the benefits of the nutrient-packed substance.

Although there is no science behind the claim of increased energy, there is evidence that bee pollen is over one third high quality protein, contains many vitamins and minerals, and also offers living enzymes and complex carbohydrates. It is rich in the B vitamins, which are believed to be important in the production of energy, and experts have long touted the benefits of protein and complex carbohydrates for sustained physical and mental performance.

Just as eggs are packed with nutrition for developing chicks, bee pollen is designed to enable the fast-growing young bees develop into workers, nurse bees, drones, and even queens. The bees carry this flower dust home on the hairs on their legs. Some of it comes off on each blossom the insect visits, carrying out the process of pollination.

Beekeepers have a way of collecting bee pollen from hives without taking so much that it endangers the bees. Special collectors brush pollen off the bees as they enter the hive. Old-timers used to consume the 'dirty honey' at the bottom of the hive. Although it was not popular with customers who wanted a clear amber product, the thrifty beekeeper would use it for his own table. The debris in the honey was not bee waste but pollen, and the despised product was the most nutritious of all.

Those who have a high need for dense nutrition may notice a significant surge of energy and an overall sense of well-being when this super food is added to their diet. Anyone will benefit from it, even those who have a good and balanced eating program or who are not under great stress. Some people prefer to eat a natural food product rather than take concentrated vitamin and mineral pills.

Stress of any kind, whether it is physical exertion, mental overload, or related to illness, can drain your body of vital nutrients. Most people do not eat the quality of food that replenishes this kind of adrenal exhaustion. A dense nutritional product like bee pollen can mean the difference between maintaining or restoring health and continuing to see your health decline.

Testing has shown bees fed on raw honey do well, while those fed only the heat-treated, commercial kind actually die of nutritional deficiencies. Pollen is also a living food and one that is preserved naturally - in fact, ancient stores of this avian product have been found that still retain food value. Modern processing can destroy some or all of the goodness, but there are companies who know how to avoid this problem.

There is a good case for believing that bee pollen energy is a fact, not a myth. If you are looking for an endurance enhancer or just want to feel your best, you should check out this super food. A good quality product can add a lot to your physical and mental performance and your health.

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