Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Protein Powder Reviews, Which Are The Best Protein Powders?

By Ryan P. Bressler

Shakes and smoothies seem to be the hottest new thing to take the fitness world by storm. I mean yeah, protein shakes have been used by body builders for years but traditional protein shakes actually aren't that good for you. Continue reading to find out some of the scary ingredients found in traditional shakes and how you can replace those ingredients with healthy nutrient packed foods instead!

Protein shakes are an easy way to add extra protein your diet. Some experts suggest that diets high in protein may help people lose weight and build lean muscle. You can add many sources of protein to a shake such as organic plant based protein powder, grass fed gelatin, nuts and nutbutters, and some seeds such as chia and hemp. Some people even add raw organic free range eggs to their protein shakes!

If you want to turn your protein shake into a green smoothie JUST ADD GREENS! There are many tasty veggies that are a perfect addition to your protein shake or smoothie. Try spinach, kale, avocado, or cucumber! You could also add lettuce or collard greens- pretty much any leafy vegetable will taste great!

Protein shakes are also an easy way to sneak super foods into your diet. Try adding super foods such as coconut oil, seeds such as chia, hemp, and flax seed, spirulina, chlorella, and even acai berry. Try different combinations of ingredients until you find the nutrient packed protein shake that is perfect for you!

Traditional protein shakes contain scary ingredients such as super processed whey and soy protein filled with artificial ingredients and chemical sweeteners. New, healthy, plant based protein powders are proving to be more beneficial, with less side effects as well. Try making your protein shake with vegetarian protein from now on!

In conclusion, protein shakes are an easy and healthy way to add nutrients to your diet. Diets high in protein may also lead to weight loss, which is a positive for most people. Protein shakes can also be used to reduce muscle soreness after a workout and build strong lean muscle overtime. Refer to this article for great tips on making shakes and smoothies!

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