Monday, 1 July 2013

Tips For Choosing Pool Cover Pumps

By Lana Bray

Maintenance is an unavoidable responsibility if you have a swimming pool on your property. More work usually has to be done in winter and during the rainy months of the year. Most people install a cover to keep out rain and melted snow during these periods. It is vital to remove the water that collects on top of the material regularly. This is why it is necessary to purchase pool cover pumps.

It is possible to manually drain the collected water but it takes a lot of effort. This task can easily be done with a specially made pump. Draining with the aid of a hose is both exhausting and time consuming. You will also be putting yourself at physical risks especially in the winter. These are the main reasons for ensuring that the right tools are used on the job.

The model that is appropriate for you should be identified. Pool cover pumps are either manual or automatic. The manual model requires extra attention when in use. It must be turned on before use and switched off after draining the water. These designs need more involvement from the person that is operating it but they are generally less expensive.

The automatic models, on the other hand, are designed to detect water and begin to remove it as quickly as possible. This feature is extremely useful if you would rather not be troubled with checking the pool cover to confirm when pumping is needed. You do not need to also monitor the pumping process because it will be turned off by the sensor when the job is over.

The engine's capacity is an important consideration. Usually, this is the number of gallons that could be extracted in an hour. If the swimming area is big, you have to get a machine that can do the pumping as speedily as possible. If you have a small swimming pool, a smaller GPH rating might be enough for you. 900 to 1800 is the average GPH range.

Another factor that a lot of people think about is price. The automatic models are generally pricier due to the extra features that they provide. If you conduct an online search, you will find out that there are different models for sale and also know their prices. The value of similar designs being offered by a number of makers can be easily compared. This will aid you in finding an inexpensive machine that will work well for you.

If you want to get a good product, it is sensible to go through consumer reviews. Many of these reviews are often displayed on well-known online stores. Pick the best five products and study their reviews. It is vital to be sure that these reviews are written by actual owners of the equipment. Their experience will help you to make a good decision.

Pick pool cover pumps that are manufactured by reputable makers. You will receive an extensive warranty on the product if a reputable manufacturer is chosen. Maintenance and repair will also be easy as a result of the availability of the replacement parts.

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