Monday, 1 July 2013

Inflatable Tunnels For Almost Any Sport

By Myrtle Cash

Everyone has seen their favorite pro team come rushing our of a tunnel in the shape of the teams mascot. The inflatable tunnels are manufactured and sold here in the United States and are a great investment opportunity for anyone looking to get involved in professional sports. So far football teams are the biggest users but this can be expanded to other sports.

Before these tunnels were used the players would exit the stadium tunnels without too much fanfare. While the crowd still cheered, they still loved to root for their team it just was not the same. Watching the players that you root for and admire come out of a big Lions head or whatever mascot the team uses is something special.

The players all say the same thing. They prefer running out onto the field through them as well. The players all love running through them. It is what they have wanted to do since they were kids. Of course this method of entering the field has not been around too long, but the players are not all that old either.

These also make great promotional tools. When the teams are doing an event somewhere within their home city they bring along theirs. They set them up and the players can exit from the inflatable tunnels right into the crowd as they all go wild. Events like these are great for bringing the team and team players into the public eye.

That is exactly what the marketing executives that work for the teams want. They want to use the famous players on the teams to sell more tickets and merchandise. They need a big entrance when doing these events to get the most bang for their buck. The tunnels give them exactly what they are looking for. They are multifaceted tools.

They are used for a variety of things from entering and exiting the fields to public marketing events. The amount of publicity they can get out of one far exceeds what they pay for them So in other words they get more than their moneys worth for them. When they add smoke and laser machines to them the exit of the players is even more exiting.

Both playing and watching sports is all about the experience. The memories that you make and the show that is put on. Part of that starts as soon as the players enter the field of play. In the past, when they would just walk or run onto the field the fans would get excited but there was no flair to the experience.

The inflatable tunnels are such a great way to add something more to the game and they are very easy to handle. They do not cause problems, they are safe, and they are extremely easy to handle. They go up in a flask and come down just as quick. The players and fans love them so there is nothing more to be said. These are a great addition to the field of any sport.

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