Monday, 1 July 2013

The Use And Importance Of Spirometers

By Kathy Kaufman

Spirometers are devices that are used to measure breathing functions within the lungs. This medical device is used to test the breathing capacity of the lungs. Patients are asked to breathe in a tube that is connected to this device. Patients that are receiving care for pulmonary conditions use this device to monitor their condition.

A variety of tests are performed using this type of device. This kind of device is developed to detect changes in air pressure when they breathe. It is able to detect slight airflow changes in the lungs. This equipment produces a graphical printout that determines the airflow of the lungs over a certain length of time. The readings from the device allow physicians to figure out the amount of air the patient is taking in and breathing out.

The original device was a cylinder that was suspended into water and moved up and down when the patient breathed. When the cylinder moved, a pen would graph the results on paper. A technician would read the results and determine the lung capacity. There are several kinds of pressure related devices that are used to measure breathing.

Individuals that are using this tool for the first time, have to do a test run in order to become comfortable with the process. After this is done, the real test is conducted and the data is collected. Three distinct breathing patterns are looked at during this test.

This test will not detect total lung capacity. But it measures the capacity of air coming through the lungs. Patients with severe bronchial problems can have high lung volume but the device will not show this since a smaller amount of air passes through the bronchial tubes. Other devices are utilized to test lung volume.

A doctor can determine if there is a problem with the airways that is causing certain breathing problems. They can determine what course of treatment to take. In most cases certain medication will be prescribed to help breathing become easier for the patient. This test can diagnose certain illnesses like asthma and other conditions. There are chronic diseases which can be detected with this device.

People suffering from chronic breathing disorders will need to be monitored on a regular basis. This is an effective tool in finding the underlying cause of a breathing issue. Chronic diseases are monitored over the course of several years. This type of test can be conducted in in a series of sessions. The doctor can easily monitor changes and prescribed the best treatment for their patient.

Spirometers are very important tests for people with breathing problems to have. Individuals having this test for the first time need to be prepared for the test. They will need to have comfortable, loose fitting clothes that do not make breathing uncomfortable. Patients are also instructed no to eat heavy meals right before the test. It is important for patients to follow certain instructions so the technician gets accurate results.

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