Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The Benefits Of Using A Home Cervical Traction Device

By Lana Bray

Persons who have been hurt in a car accident, or during their sporting activities, may have damaged their spine in several ways. This can be quite debilitating, and may cause considerable pain that is necessary to relieve. The spinal column of the person may also now not be in perfect alignment, which is something that could require therapy to resolve. Pressure on the spinal column also needs to be eliminated. Under a doctor's guidance, the person could use a cervical traction device.

The purpose of this type of therapy is to realign the spine with a fairly forceful upward pulling motion. It is done to help eliminate any pain that is caused by the injured, or once-injured, person. The therapy involves pulling the skull gently in sessions that are performed over a period of time.

A person's medical examiner may recommend a specific traction method, or product, or may allow the person to perform a technique that is commonly done at home. The person can perform this treatment on his/her own, without the assistance of any special equipment. This home therapy method helps to eliminate pain that is caused by several back problems, including pinched nerves. The medical examiner may have also prescribed medication.

To perform the therapy at home you will need a rope and a small towel. You will also need to find a location within the home that is suitable. The location will be alongside a sturdy door that has a door knob, and one that can close firmly. The entire procedure will just take a few minutes per day to complete.

Start the procedure by looping the rope around the door knob. Now tie the hanging end of the rope to one side of the towel. Make sure that all knots are firmly in place. Once this is achieved, the towel's other end should just touch the floor when no one is holding the rope. You are now set to start the traction procedure.

Lie on your back on the floor and place your head on the towel. You must make sure that your neck is not bending forwards, and that your back is kept straight. Likewise, your neck should not bend backwards either. The position should be comfortable.

The recommended time for staying in this position is seven minutes when it's your first time. Make sure that you do not go over this time, therefore, use a stopwatch. On the second day, the therapy will be for eight minutes, and on the third day, nine minutes. You are therefore adding a minute per day. Stop when you are at fifteen minutes.

There is no recommended number of sessions that should be completed. It can be done as long as it is relieving pain, or up until pain relief is experienced. This home cervical traction device is not dangerous in any way, and will not cause further pain. Before trying or buying anything though, it is probably best to confirm your options with your medical adviser.

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