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Forms Of Exercises For Senior Citizens According To A Personal Trainer West Hollywood

By Patricia Neill

There are an increasing number of senior citizens at West Hollywood. With the advancement of modern medicine, the life span of a person is increasing over the past years. With the help of medical procedures like angioplasty, heart bypass procedures, and now stem cell procedures, people are living longer and healthier. It is important though to remain active even when you are sixty years old and above. This could also help you have a longer life. Listed below are the different workouts a senior citizen can safely do with the guidance of a personal trainer West Hollywood:

Chair exercises

These chair exercises are targeted to maintain the suppleness of the leg muscles. If senior citizens would just remain inactive, their leg muscles would weaken and shorten over a period of time. It would cause them a great deal of discomfort, such as cramping.

Various chair exercises include flexing the foot, knee lifting while seated, and leg crosses. A personal trainer West Hollywood would also recommend upper body stretching while seated to increase blood flow circulation.


If a senior citizen is still able to do short walks, then it is a good form of an aerobic activity. It increases their heart rate and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. A cane may be used to aid in walking and in balancing.


This exercise is highly recommended for people of all ages. Even if a senior citizen can no longer do swimming strokes, what a personal trainer can recommend is to lift each leg carefully while under water.

Arms can be exercised also without having to do the actual swimming. Arm lifts and leg lifts are enough to make the heart rate of a senior citizen get faster. Plus it is enjoyable and best done with group of friends. This is one exercise a personal trainer West Hollywood would recommend for a senior citizen.


Senior citizens can engage in light dance activities. Personal trainers can be their partners so they can be guided very well and avoid the risk of slipping or falling.

Stretching exercises

A personal trainer West Hollywood will recommend senior citizens to perform stretching exercises for flexibility. This is a good way of decreasing the stiffness of muscles brought about by old age. It is a very light and very relaxing form of a physical activity.

Weight lifting

There are many lightweight dumbbells available in the market suitable for the use of senior citizens. There are also rubber band substitute in case one isn't comfortable lifting weights. This exercise must be carefully guided by a highly qualified fitness trainer to avoid muscle tear and bone breakage among seniors. Lifting light weights is good for strengthening and balance.

A personal trainer West Hollywood would highly recommend senior citizens to remain active for as long as they can. There are limitations though, and it's advised to get a medical permission first to test if a senior citizen is still able to perform light aerobic and weight lifting workouts.

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