Monday, 8 July 2013

A DOT Physical Helps To Keep The Roads Safe To Travel

By Lawanda Burch

There are a lot of trucks on the roads today that transfer products and goods to stores and consumers in almost every country. Many places allow a Department of Transportation to oversee the trucking industry to make sure the vehicles and drivers are safe. People who wish to obtain a commercial drivers license, or CDL, to operate the big vehicles usually have to pass a DOT physical to get the license and to keep it. The physicals are designed to ensure that a vehicle operator does not have health issues that could affect their ability to control the truck and avoid hazardous conditions. The agencies are especially concerned that the drivers do not cause a problem if they suffer a heart attack or go into a diabetic shock.

One item that will be checked on a driver is their eyesight. A person has to see well in order to keep their vehicle on the road and avoid hazards. A truck operator should expect to have at least 20 over 40 visions in each eye. Those who eyes are weaker are often allowed to use glasses to correct their vision problems, but they will have to wear the glasses anytime they drive.

The blood pressure of each driver will also probably be checked. Those who have normal pressure will have nothing to worry about. However, those with higher pressures might not pass the test.

A little higher than normal blood pressure reading will normally result in a obtaining certification for about a year. Those who have levels that are above this can expect to be tested again in a few months to see if their levels have gone done. High pressure levels will often result in the driver losing their license. A person can be retested once they get their pressure under control.

Blood sugar levels are also checked by many agencies. High blood sugar often indicates that a person is suffering from diabetes and the operator may have to take medications to control it. A person suffering from uncontrolled diabetes can become unconscious or delirious when their sugar levels fluctuate wildly. One becoming unconscious can happen at any time and could be catastrophic if an operator loses consciousness while speeding down the highway.

Diabetes can be controlled through the use of medication like metformin. A person who controls their blood sugar using this method can still quality for a license. However, drivers who need to use injectable insulin will probably have to find a new career in the industry.

A driver will also be checked for heart disease. One should expect to have a stress test there are any signs their heart is not healthy. This does not mean they will not be able to drive anymore, but one might have to go on medication and be retested later.

Helping to keep roads safe usually involves the Department of Transportation. This agency will usually require drivers to take a DOT physical to make sure they do not have health problems that could affect their ability to operate a truck safely. Drivers who fail these examinations will often lose their driving privileges at least for awhile.

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