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Terrific foods in which hasten weight loss

By Faryn Clark

Apart from being the best, some foods can be tasty too! Want to hasten weight loss? In fact, the major step to successfully lose weight is by the intake of proper food and regular exercises. Below mentioned is a discussion about certain foods that can support your weight loss plan. Studies have demonstrated that these super foods help in initiating weight loss. Learn to know these foods and their mechanism towards promoting weight loss.

1. Mushrooms

Research studies have demonstrated that people who consumed mushroom based entrees derived more satisfaction as they did after taking beef containing dishes. Moreover, they consumed in meager calories and fat through mushroom based dishes. Some of the best mushroom dishes include swap mushrooms and meat in a Portobello philly cheese steak sandwich.

2. Eggs

According to a research study, people on a weight loss diet who took eggs for breakfast experienced a feeling of stomach fullness for longer period and lost weight twice the rate than those who took a bagel for breakfast of same should think beyond breakfast. The staying power of eggs is comparable to that of a salad and thus can be a more satisfying snack. One should thus try taking eggs in variety of dishes.

3. Apples

About 4 g of fiber is present in a medium sized apple of 95 calories. Based on a currently published research in the journal of nutrition, it has been reported that raising the intake of fiber can promote weight loss and thus prevent weight gain. Hence, one should try taking fiber rich recipes that promote weight loss as well as relish one's taste buds!

4. Low calorie desserts

Low calorie desserts are not exactly "healthy foods," however we would welcome the latest news that it is healthy to give up on small sweet treats to stay focused to your diet. According to a new study conducted in the proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, it has been reported that completely banning the intake of sugary foods can result in overeating. The major reason could be that refraining from sweet foods triggers a compound release in the brain, referred to as corticotropin-releasing factor (CRF). In general, corticotropine releasing hormone is normally produced when a person gets exposed to stress, fear or anxiety, as stated by a lead Ph.D., study author, Pietro Cottone. In addition, one may lack motivation to stick to healthy food plan during high stress levels thus, increasing the likelihood of binging on junk food. Hence, it is highly recommended to give up on a 100-calorie sweet treats once in a while.

5. Soup

According to a research study that was published in the journal Appetite has proven that dieters who took a vegetable soup before meals eat 20 percent fewer calories during the complete meal course. Hence, one can include different vegetable soups to the diet that can not only cut off food portions and promote weight loss but can also be tastier.

6. Hot chile peppers

A recent study concluded that taking a little hot pepper along with capsules or a tomato juice just half an hour before meals made the subjects to eat 10 percent lesser due to suppressed hunger levels. Hence, one can try spicy recipes and turn up the heat.

7. Almonds

Chewing almonds can help to curb hunger. According to a recent research study as published in the American journal of clinical nutrition, it has been reported that the subjects were served 2 ounce almonds to chew on for 10, 25 or 40 times. The subjects felt more satisfied as they experienced fullness for longer duration by chewing the nuts for up to 40 times. Increased rate of chewing can release more fat from the nuts which stimulates the hormone production that suppress hunger level.

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