Friday, 12 July 2013

Solving The Five Greatest Myths Behind Building Lean Muscle

By Russ Hollywood

Learning how to build muscle can be very confusing. Today we will reveal the top myths and help you to debunk them in double quick time. Are you ready to get started?

While you may scoff at hearing questions such a "Should women lift weights?" or "Are supplements bad for you?", the truth is many people are confused on subjects which can be answered quite easily, they just don't have anybody who is prepared to sit them down and explain things to them.

Whether your goal is to gain significant muscular size or simply to lose some unwanted weight, you will find it a very confusing journey if you succumb to the many myths which are in popular culture. When you begin basing your training and diet around scientific fact rather than the theories displayed in magazines and gossip columns, you'll notice far more success. []

1) Is it okay for girls to lift weights?

Do not buy into the old stereotypes of guys lifting dumbbells and girls running on treadmills. The old myth that ladies will develop big, bulky muscles if the lift weights is pure nonsense. The problem is most people in gyms still believe this to be true. If you are trying to shed unwanted pounds and get leaner, you should include resistance training within your regular workout routine.

2) Do you need to use supplements?

Supplements are a good thing. The enable you to enhance a good diet even further. However, they can become a bad thing when too much weight is placed upon their importance within your routine. Your main results are going to come from your diet and your training, not which whey protein brand your choose. Keep supplements down to a minimum, such as a whey protein and creatine monohydrate.

3) How many times per week should you workout?

The answer to this question depends on your current fitness level. If you are still new to the gym then you can get great results with a two-to-three day split, working the full body in each session. However, when you get more experienced and need to do more work on a muscle group to stimulate new growth it would be wise to use a split routine. This means working one or two muscle groups per session over the course of the week. Even with this type of split, you could get fantastic results with 3-4 workouts each week. There is no need to go to the gym every day.

4) Can you succeed without sorting out your diet?

Your diet is the most important factor in your overall success. Without paying attention to what you eat, you will not be able to see many of the hard earned results you are obtaining from the gym. Many people make the mistake of ignoring their diet completely, but the truth is you can't succeed without it.

5) What number of calories should you consume to reach your goals?

If you have never watched your diet before then this can prove to be a tricky topic to get to grips with. The easiest way to set a good daily target is to multiply your target weight in pounds by anywhere from twelve to fifteen. This will set an attainable target for you and ensure you are providing your body with enough nutrients.

At one stage or another, everybody who uses the gym hears one of the myths discussed today. Now you know the facts, leaning how to build muscle becomes an altogether more straightforward affair.

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