Thursday, 11 July 2013

Losing Weight And The Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Review

By Ron Cluck

The Xtreme fat loss diet review is being talked about both online and offline. It is a simple to follow diet and does not require you to do copious amounts of physical training. The reason for this is that it is formulated in such a way that abides by the premise that eating the right foods is just as beneficial if not more so in losing weight rather than having to exercise to the extreme in order to lose weight.

Many will attest to this who have tried out this diet themselves without having to put in too much time exercising in the gym and lifting copious amounts of weights. There is a difference between losing weight and building muscles. You will lose weight by going to the gym and you will develop those incredible six packs or well toned abdominal muscles if you so choose to.

The great thing is about this diet is that your first day is a cheat day. So within each five day cycle you are in fact only dieting over a four day period. Once you reach your sixth day it is once again a cheat day when you can eat anything you like such as cakes, hot dogs, burgers, steak rolls with fried onions, candy and anything your heart desires.

This does not sound like the way to go about dieting at all but it is a necessary combination as explained in the diet program itself for a few reasons. One of these reasons on an emotional level is naturally one does not want to feel that one is locked in a proverbial prison for the duration of your dieting program. Another reason is that this diet professes that the cheat day is an essential part of allowing your body those foods in order to facilitate the overall effect of this diet program.

So after eating what you like on day one, day two allows you to eat nothing at all. It is the crash diet day where not a morsel of food is allowed to pass your lips. This day has many benefits and although a person is allowed to take supplements recommended by the diet, it is a day to concentrate on other things and turn your mind away from food.

On an emotional level this day builds resilience and is motivating in itself. It is an achievement once you move through day two and look forward to eating again on day three. This becomes more relevant as you set your sites again for the end of the five day cycle when day one kicks in again and becomes a party day of food for yet another day.

Day three is the shake day. It is the day when only shakes can be taken in and this is wise especially after you have fasted the previous day. The stomach after a fast day naturally needs to re accustom itself to processing food again so the shake day is perfectly positioned at day three.

Now the great thing about this diet it is that it is flexible. Day one of every five day cycle is a cheat day. This means that the Xtreme fat loss diet review allows that the first day you start the diet you can eat whatever you want such as cheeseburgers, biscuits, cakes, candy, fizzy you drinks and anything you would like to.

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