Monday, 1 July 2013

Amenities At Lyons Holiday Parks

By Linda Maynard

A holiday park refers to a camp site that is often used by tourists and they offer a wide range of accommodation facilities. Some of these facilities include a ground where families living in caravans can set up their caravans. This is not the only thing that attracts tourists more facilities like swimming pool. To differentiate the facilities, a heated swimming pool attracts more tourists. Lyons Holiday Parks are no different and seek to increase visitors.

A large number of people visit the holiday parks they range from whole families and even couples. To increase the revenues managers should be more creative in coming up with new ways to attract visitors. This creative ways include providing a live entertainment for the kids and keep them occupied as their parents get some relaxing time. Advertising can be considered too.

A good number of people love going away and keeping technology away but there should be a way of communicating with their families. There should be internet connection and a connected telephone. Many are the people who love parks that are near a beach where they can go into the sea for swimming. Having endangered species of animals would be a distinguishing factor from competitors.

Numerous people want to remember their stay years after they have left. Activities should be made available to keep it exciting and fun. These activities such as having dancing lessons from professional ball room dancers is both entertaining and fun for the tourists. Buying gifts for memories especially for collectors could make a good business venture and to tap this gift shop should be opened.

Local attractions such as museums and walking trails would be a great boost for business. Festivals like the wine festival that occur annually can be a great attraction and thousands of tourists may avail themselves. Competitions such as canoe racing in groups are great and help a lot in team building.

People are mostly looking for a relaxing environment where they can relax. Even though visitors want to spend their money, they search for pocket friendly prices and choose the cheapest. Managers should therefore consider giving frequent visitors discounts that they can take advantage of whenever they wish to take a holiday.

Attractive landscape that is rare to find that is located in a friendly atmosphere is an added advantage. Cuisines from different part of the world offer a wide range of choices for visitors. So as to get many people that are sports lovers they should set up basket ball pitches among other sports facilities.

For those camping, kitchen facilities and bathroom facilities should be made available. Even if they have a shared dining area this provides a good way to interact with other visiting families. Barbecues are often arranged for the tourists where they are brought together to share and network with other members. Exercise equipment in a well equipped gym would keep the visitors busy when they have free time. These facilities among many others make Lyons Holiday Parks top of the list for most tourists.

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