Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Would The Detox Diet Be A Good Fit?

By James Steele

The detox diet represents the clash between Western medicine and alternative approaches. You need to learn all you can about the detox diet if you're interested in trying it. This approach can be used in a variety of different ways. If you have any kind of existing medical condition, then you must exercise caution because this diet is not suitable for those with some diseases.

There are two basic approaches with many types of detox diets. First, the diet calls for avoiding foods that are known to introduce toxins in your body. Naturally, that is probably something every person should do, anyway. Secondly, the particular diet will recommend you eat foods, or drink liquids, that support the body's ability to process and eliminate toxins. There is a fairly large variety of detox diets, and frequently they also require that your intake of calories is reduced, as well. You will find some that have you eat much smaller portions or even go on liquid fasting such as with juices, only.

When properly used, the detox diet can be very beneficial, but it can also be dangerous if you have particular medical conditions. Some examples include heart disease, diabetes, those with intestinal problems and other chronic problems. The main complaint most doctors have with the detox diet is it's a highly restrictive diet. Following a very restrictive diet is how the detox approach usually works. Medical doctors also issue warnings of possible negative side effects for teenagers and younger children.

Detoxification is done by different organs, and one of those is the liver. Since plants have been used for healing, it is not a surprise that herbs can be found that give optimal support to the liver. Chlorella has been found to be especially good for the health of the body, and this includes the liver. The liver is a most important organ, with many vital functions necessary for the body to remain healthy, so taking herbal substances that support a healthy liver is a wise choice. The largest organ the body has is the skin, and it is totally involved with detoxification. That is why simply brushing your skin each day or several times a week will help. When you remove dead skin with consistent brushing, you will stimulate blood flow and keep the pores open.

Detoxifying diets have been around for many centuries in all types and in all countries. This is admittedly an area of alternative medicine, or approaches, that has caused some controversy with established Western medicine. Be positive that should you decide to search in this area that you do it safely and slowly.

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