Sunday, 16 June 2013

The Relationship Between Chocolate And Digestion

By Freida McCall

Beauties and different sweet things can be used as desert after the main meal. These foods need to be sweet and most of the time they are in solid food. Nutritionists however have discouraged the use of chocolate as a desert. This is because chocolate and digestion are parallel to each other. It causes discomfort to many individuals.

Individuals who have a sensitive bowel should avoid taking these products at all costs. It increases these bowel discomforts. They are likely to get more of constipation and indigestion. Food undergoes different processes for it to be digested. With chocolate some of the processes are shortened and avoided. This causes problems right form the time when digestion is started.

Antacid drugs are expensive in the market. While dealing with patients suffering from such cases caution has to be taken. They are always advised to reduce the intake of chocolates and avoid taking them when hungry. They increase the production of acids in the body and can lead to further discomforts. These individuals have to make sure they take foods with very little acids in them.

Nuts and eggs are present in most chocolates. They are the main ingredients in the manufacturing industries. People have got different allergies to these proteins. The body manufacturers and utilizes enough protein. The rest is released in the blood causing problems. The human body is designed to digest and utilize a certain amount of protein in the body.

Milk has lactose and it requires lactose for digesting it. These chemical was produced in large amounts when a person is small. As days pass the amount of lactose produced in the body reduces. Individuals are then affected since a big percentage of these chocolates are milk. Digestion has to be forced making it very painful. It can lead to certain problems such as diarrhea and vomiting.

Caffeine is believed to stimulate bloating and other stomach upsets. It has very little taste and smell. This product is included in by many companies. It stimulates the bowel problems. Individuals who get affected can stop using them and consult the doctors. In most cases it is use as a preservative. It is considered the best since it is odorless and cheap.

Purchasing of these products can be done in different shops and stalls in the market. They are affordable and can be bought by anyone. These products have some nutrients in them that can still be productive. They have to read and understand the ingredients used by these different manufacturers. Customers can also consult their doctors and nutritionists before buying them. It is important to make sure that all products have got defined ingredients. Customers can also use other products that can burn excess proteins they get from these products.

Chocolate and digestion has been a very serious discussion in the field of nutritionists. Some have advised different manufacturers to use different products and check on the outcome. Those using these products should be very careful and have to consider their health before using them. These foods can be replaced with other types of food.

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