Saturday, 6 July 2013

Ways To Get Children To Eat Salad

By George Dodson

Back in our childhood days, many if not all were always reminded by parents to eat veggies to stay strong and healthy.

Needles to say, although veggies are a great benefit to ones health, it actually doesn't always taste as good as those of fruits. Regarding the taste, this will be up to the person eating the vegetable.

We already know that eating vegetables bring about many benefits. Equipped with vitamins and minerals, vegetables are a must eat and should always be added in our daily meal. They also vary in texture and color.

Although there are many good supplements which provide these essential vitamins and minerals, we know that nature tends to provide what we need in just the right amounts and combinations that our body can easily digest. Thus, we really need to teach our children to eat veggies. Question is, how do you get kids to eat vegetables?

A good approach is to prepare vegetables that are easy to eat and with sweet taste then eventually try to add bit and pieces of other vegetables on the meal. You can try putting sugar on your meal or add squash. You might saute carrots in butter and other flavors such as garlic and, which modifies the taste and makes them more palatable. A few of the best tasting vegetables are cauliflower as well as broccoli when sauted or cooked with sauce. Saute as well as meals with sauce are the best way to conceal the bitter as well as other unpalatable tastes in vegetables..

Of course, a lot of us will also agree that other fruits taste better as they are or uncooked. Its almost amazing that these veggies taste great without the help of anything. The tomato is one of the many vegetables that tastes really good without being cooked which you can simply eat right from the garden. In addition, you can also nibble on carrots right after picking from the garden since they are sweet and actually taste really great. However, this is not the case with regards to root crop veggies such as turnips and rutabagas.

Like potatoes and squash, these can be prepared with butter or other seasoning and taste is not bad.

Having to boil a vegetable lessens its nutrient as well as vitamin content and not to mention it degrades the taste. All the while if you saute your vegetable you'll be preserving its natural taste as well as all the essential benefits you can get from the vegetable. If you prepare them out then Al Dente, they are firm to the bite and taste more like their natural state.

No matter how you put it, vegetables are still the best source of essential proteins, vitamins and minerals that the body. Having to feed your kids with vegetables are actually not that difficult at all if you know how to improvise the taste and cook it that way your kids would love. Through this, you'll be able to guarantee your child's' healthy well being.

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