Friday, 5 July 2013

Audiometer Devices Used For Hearing Check

By Alyssa McCall

Instruments used to determine the hearing capability of persons is called an audiometer. Determination of the hearing capability of a person is essential so that one may get the right medication. These instruments are usually under the control of a standard PC and one of their components is a hardware that can be connected to headphones. We have both software hearing devices and the hardware based ones.

One of the software hearing measurement device is the Screening PC Based instrument, which uses a standard computer only. Any person at their homes could check their hearing through this. They are however not accurate enough since they do not have a standard calibration. Some screening PC based devices could be found on a windows driven hand device.

The Clinical PC Based hearing loss measurement instrument is also an example and is sufficiently expensive compared to the Screening PC Based hearing failure recording device, which clearly is a software hearing device. The portray themselves as sufficiently accurate and efficient as compared to the software devices. They are useful to the professionals in hospitals, audiometric centres and also research centres. Hardware devices are less accurate than this type of devices.

There rare different types of hearing devices with different modifications in the market. The clinical Astera one is an example and it is PC based. The PC based Auricle one is another example. It uses batteries I its operation and has proved to be extra accurate. We also have the Midimate audiometers that are stand alone in other words they are not PC based. The audiometric process uses air, bone and speech.

The other one is the Itera II devices. They are hybrid which means that they are bot PC based and stand alone. The whole diagnostic process is done by these machines. Using it in the test session is very simple. The Xeta devices are a different type that have easy portability and are hybrid too. They are referred to as fast, flexible and efficient. Micro mate device is another type that is hybrid and simple for then test to be done and helps the patient to keep in contact.

It is very vital to regularly check the audiometers calibration so as to be sure that the level show on the calibration is in line with that of the actual stimulus. The US for instance usually do their calibration of then audiometers acoustically. This is made successful since they have the American Standard Specification for Audiometers that sets the conditions.

If one intends to get their hearing loss, then they have to ensure that accuracy of their calibration is very high so as to get efficient results. If there are complications associated with the calibrations, it is an implication that in case of any treatment, then it will be wrong because of the wrong calibration.

To conclude, we have seen that an audiometer is an instrument of medical check up that could be used both in hospitals or domestically by anyone who needs to check their hearing loss. A variety of audiometers are available just as stated above. One of then most essential things about the audiometers is their calibration.

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