Friday, 28 June 2013

Ideas On Getting The Best OBGYN Reno Medical Care

By Lila Barry

Today you can easily get OBGYN Reno services just by making one phone call. Unlike the past when we only had one doctor for everything, technology has enabled doctors to focus in different fields, and some have specialized as obstetricians &gynecologist in Reno. If you would love to know what these two medical fields are all about, read on.

A gynecologist is a doctor who deals with female medical problems specifically targeting the reproductive system- the ovaries, vagina and the uterus. For the obstetrician, their focus is in offering medical attention to pregnant women and children; this include pre-natal care, delivery sessions as well as post-natal. For the ladies in Reno, these two specialists will answer to all your feminine needs bordering on reproductive issues and pregnancy.

The advantage today is you can easily get a doctor who practices both field hence the term Ob-Gyn. For the Reno residence, this doctor will deal with your mammograms, vaginal or uterine infections, Pap smear, fertility issues or contraception advice. The same doctor will also assist with pregnancy care, post-natal or post-partum advice and care, help in deliveries, perform frequent ultrasounds, determine how healthy your fetus is in the womb and detect any complications at both in the pre and post natal care.

Besides detecting early problems and offering care tips, an Ob-Gyn specialist also treats several diseases still affecting women. This is the doctor to see when you detect malignant growth in the fallopian tubes, cervix, ovaries, vulva or uterus. Other diseases that can be examined include infertility problems, prolapsed of the pelvis, amenorrhea, fungal & protozoan infections and incontinence.

When it comes to gynecological issues, this doctor will deal with complications the mother may face during birth e. G. Uterus rapture, prolapsed umbilical cord, ectopic pregnancies, fetal distress, sepsis, pre-eclampsia, dystocia of the shoulder, obstetrical hemorrhage and so many other diseases. Besides treatment and giving help during birth complications, these doctors also have a lot of advice to offer to ladies on how to take care of their bodies to prevent diseases and during the period of pregnancy.

As we always say prevention is better than cure, our lifestyles today have less to do with prevention and as a result we fall sick pretty often. This will call for quick medical attention to get us better and thus will need the right Ob-Gyn doctor to handle it. When it comes to find either ran obstetrician or gynecologist in Reno here are the tips you can use to locate the qualified doctor.

Keep in mind that not all doctors are as good as they sound thus you have to be vigilante when looking for a specialist who handles both Obstetrical and Gynecological problems. A good start to your search is finding out whether your ideal doctor is registered by the American Medical Association. He should also show the license for registrations.

The other certification every Ob-Gyn specialist need is a document of approval from the American Board of Medical Specialties. So those are two certifications you need to see alongside finding out the number of years they have been practicing and successfully treating patients. Because it is your health in question here, you definitely have to get the best OBGYN Reno specialist to take care of it.

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